TUBdok maintanence works

tubdok-appetizer-screenshotFor maintenance work we have to take our Open Access Repository TUBdok down on August 31st, starting at 9:30. We will try to do the maintenance as fast as possible, so that the downtime should be low. Our estimation is 1 to 1.5 hours.

Other library services will not be affected.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Annual library outing 13-08-2015

On next Thursday library staff will enjoy their annual outing. The Library will be open for you from 9:00am to 9:00pm, but all personal services like picking up reserved books, applications for membership or the settlement of fees as well as information services will not be available.

Of course self check services for reading room books will continue. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are interested we remain in the vicinity and explore Wildpark Schwarze Berge.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/malte_s/5749936379/sizes/m/ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ Bald Eagle Portrait by Malte Sörensen

Knovel – Expert knowledge for engineers

Searching in database Knovel

Until the end of the year access to the database Knovel is possible within TUHH intranet. Purpose-built for engineers, Knovel includes reference handbooks, e-books of different publishers as well as data collections including materials property data. As a speciality, data analysis tools like interactive tables and graphs allow easily exporting the data and integrating them into you own workflow. E-books, included in Knovel but not available through a license of another publisher, are not searchable wihtin our catalog TUBfind.

More on using the database and on the background of Knovel, which is now part of the media company RELX Group (formerly Reed Elsevier):

Maintenance on Sunday, July 5th

netzkabel-raus Because of maintenance works and a switch of our library server it will not be possible to use the library user accounts in our catalog (no orders from the closed stacks, no loan period extensions) on Sunday, July 5th during 4:30pm to Monday, July 6th 12:00am.
The self check services are also not available, for returning books please use the box near the gate.

In the maintenance time you can use TUBfind or beluga to find the locations of our books.

We apologize for any inconveniences!

Citavi 5 support PDF annontations

Citavi has released version 5 with many new features in April. Campus licence for TUHH is valid for Citavi 5 as well as for Citavi 4.
Das ist neu in Citavi 5
One thing has not changed though: Citavi has remained a proprietary programm which requires MS Windows. But if you are a Windows user you might enjoy the new features to read, annotate, and analyze full texts in PDF format:

  • Highlight important text passages in Citavi.
  • Link quotations and tasks to a specific place in the text, so you can quickly find a passage again when you begin writing your paper — from the Word Add-In as well.
  • It works the other way as well — directly display comments or tasks by clicking the place in the text they refer to.
  • Save tables and images from a PDF as image quotations.
  • Quickly add keywords to a reference by using the keywords in the PDF file.
  • Import highlights created with another PDF program (for example, on a tablet) so that you can work away from your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Export annotations into the PDF file, to make the information available to others or in order to work with the document on another device.

For questions regarding Citavi 5 please refer to the Citavi 5 manual or visit the Citavi Support Forum.

Photo: Citavi

Knowledge Transfer: Research Data Management at University of Leeds

LifelongJoints LogoTUHH, TuTech and partners are participating in the European research project “LifelongJoints” (LLJ) in the area of nano-materials aiming to improve the lifespan and performance of implants used for joint replacement. Research at TUHH ist done by Professor Michael M. Morlock at Institute of Biomechanics.

Correct management of research data (RDM) is important if LLJ is to achieve a smooth transition of the research work into potential products. LLJ is therefore implementing a Data Management Plan according to curation principles and H202 guidance. This work is being led by Dr. Graham Blyth at the University of Leeds. RDM and Open Data Management is something that UK universities have had to take on board somewhat ahead of their Continental European counterparts because it is a requirement of many UK funding bodies. Already in 2005 the UK Digital Curation Centre (DCC) was established, which has become a world-leading centre of expertise in digital information curation with a focus on building capacity, capability and skills for research data management across the UK’s higher education research community.

University of LeedsIn 2012/2013 the University of Leeds conducted the JISC funded “Leeds Research Data Management Pilot (RoaDMaP)”. Among other things this resulted into:

  • Research Data Management Policy for University of Leeds,
  • RDM case studies for different disciplines,
  • Evaluation of DMPonline by DCC,
  • Training programme for researchers and support stuff,
  • New institutional research data repository in April 2015,
  • Connecting all stakeholder in RDM including library, IT, research, legal, finance and ethics departments.


In cooperation with TuTech Leeds provided a learning opportunity for members of Hamburg University of Technology’s library staff to profit from University of Leeds experience. 21-22 April Beate Rajski and Martin Bilz who are responsible for digital services at TUHH visited Graham and his colleague Rachel Proudfoot at Leeds to share experiences. They were joined by Dr Angus Whyte of DCC. The meeting provided an opportunity to share lessons learned by LeedsRoaDMaP and discuss how these could be applied to TUHH RDM: LLJ supports transfer of knowledge on Open Data Management

StartING … to write

2. Kleine Nacht des wissenschaftlichen Schreibens an der TUHH 2015

The second “Kleine Nacht des wissenschaftlichen Schreibens” (Little or Short Night of academic writing) will take place at TUHH in the rooms around Audimax 1 (H – Am Schwarzenberg Campus 5) on Wednesday May 20, 2015 from 3 pm to 10 pm. The “Kleine Nacht” include stimulation and animation around academic writing and research methods for students and lecturers.

Application for the “Kleine Nacht” is possible through the learning management system Stud.IP. But you are also welcome without registration.

Concentrated and silent active work is possible in special writing rooms. The program (flyer) includes motivational talks (in German language only!) as well as workshops. Writing consultation is offered as well as consultation on scholarly research methods, on finding subject information and on knowledge organisation through reference management! Consultation is also possible in English language!

The “Kleine Nacht” is organized by the TUHH Student Counseling Center in cooperation with the students’ union executive committee AStA, the TUHH library, the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL), University Sports, and the TU Computing Centre as well as several internal and external contributors.


eBooks from IOP as ePub files

About 20 eBooks of the publisher Institute of Physics from the years 2013 and 2014 are now available within TUHH intranet.
IOP eBooks

IoP eBooks contain introductions in important basics of physics and technology. Here a few examples:

Especially, IOP eBooks are not only offered as pdf file, but also in the open standard for eBooks ePub. So you can read them better on your tablet, eBook reader or – if need be – on your smartphone.