Goodies for Sternenbrücke

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Again many hands from the TUHH have tackled to support Milli Antolagic when baking cookies and producing truffles as well as homemade jam. As in previous years, they will sale all this delicacies for the benefit of the children’s hospice Sternenbrücke on Wednesday, 11/25/2015, from 09:00 clock in the library.

Early come ensures a successful shopping!

We ask for your understanding if on Wednesday the library will be a bit more noisy!

Hello, here they are again …

… our mini researcher of school accompanying project : “Kinderforscher” at the TUHH.
Since 2006, this project became a regular fixture at the TUHH.
Within this project, nearly 25 pupils  from 5 different primary schools in Hamburg visit our library on the follwing Tuesdays:  November 10th,  November 17th, November 24th, December 1st, December 8th 2015.

The children should lern something about our library on a playful way. Perhaps during the tour in the reading room 1 (bottom) it won`t always go very quiet, because too exciting and new that’s all for the kids.
We ask for your understanding and apologize for the 45 minutes turbulence. Please remember – everyone starts off small! And the “Kinderforscher” project is a great opportunity.

Library closing 17-10-15, restricted use 18-10-15


Due to maintenance work on central technical facilities in numerous buildings on the TU-campus the university library is closed on Saturday, 17.10.15 all day.

The computer network is not available in the library building from Friday, 16.10.15, 6:00pm to Sunday evening, 18.10.15.

On Sunday, 18.10.15, the library is open again from 10:00am – 8:00pm, but with restrictions on use (no computer network).

Thanks for your understanding!


New to the library? 4. ebooks

engineeringMany books are available electronically. This is indicated by the button ” Volltext @ TUHH “. The link on this button leads to the download offer of the appropriate publisher. The content can be downloaded as a PDF as a whole book ( partly as EPUB for ebook readers ) or article wise, depending on the specifications of the publisher. For licensing reasons this is only possible from the intranet of TUHH. On computers with internet – login registered readers save their ebooks either on a USB stick or any cloud or even send it via email. Therefore there are no loan periods. As a student  at the TUHH you can download the ebooks on your own PC – however, a VPN connection has to be maintained.

New to the Library? 3. Loan

Selbstverbuchung im Ausleihbereich

You can borrow books at the circulation desk (journals may not be borrowed!), but also in self-service at the yellow self-check system. Check out and Check in of media on the machine are possible throughout the opening hours to 9:00pm and also at weekends, including Sundays and public holidays!

Simply put on books (also in batch), barcode of the library card has to be read, authenticate with a password tap on button  borrow” and close account – done!
On the self-check systems (near elevator) both Check out and Check in of media are possible. Check in also works without authentication.

no other client has reserved the media, you can extend the loan periods up to three times in your library account online.

Attention: the loan period may not be exceeded at the time of the desired extension!

New to the Library? 2. Textbook Collection

lehrbuchsammlungEverything you need to start studying or even for the first examsprobably can be found in the textbook collection in the left area of the reading room on the ground floor. The books are in alphabetical order of the subject groups.The first shelf block begins with Agricultural Sciences (AG), in the middle block can be found  Mathematics (MA) and Mechanical Engineering (MS), on the window side rear follow for example Process Technology (VT) and Materials Sciences (WK).

In the textbook collection there are often a large number of circulating library copies of one title. If you will not find any loan copies, there are other options:
Sometimes an electronic edition is available, in every case there is for every textbook title at least one archive copy (reference copy). It is located in the respective subject group in the reading rooms, which may not be borrowed, and therefore is available for everybody during the opening hours .

New to the Library? 1. Library Card


If you want to borrow books from the university library in order to use them at home or on campus, you need a library card.

For students of TUHH this card is free, but you have to apply for it and come to the library personally. Within a few minutes you will receive your library card and get started.

” Apply ” means that you log on with your personal data  here.

Pickup is available at the circulation counter in the university library from Mon-Thu 9:00am – 7:00pm and Fr. 9:00am – 6:00pm, if you bring the following:

  • Identity card or passport including resident`s registration document
  • Student ID ( or enrollment  or HVV ticket )

Very important for a trouble-free service is a correct, valid and “addressable” E-mail address – then it will come with the reminder mails from the library that you need to extend your media!