Diamonds as a way out of the crisis? A (partial) look at Diamond Open Access and the OA color palette

The Open Access movement is a comparatively young movement. It developed in the 1990s as a result of the so-called journal crisis. During this crisis, prices rose, especially in STEM subjects – a collective term for professions or fields of study in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology, which are also referred to as MINT subjects in Germany. At the same time, library budgets stagnated or shrank. One consequence: the number of paid journal subscriptions declined. Publishers tried to compensate for this loss of revenue with further price increases – a cycle that Open Access wants to break.

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Book flea market from today, 15-6-2022

After three years, it’s that time again: on the day of the TUHH summer festival, the book flea market will take place in the University Library.

The tub. is offering discarded textbooks and reference books, older duplicates, and other printed materials for sale at a book flea market. You will find the flea market starting today, June 15, 2022, at 12 noon in room 0.004 of the first floor reading room (behind the collection shelf on the right).

Sales at very low prices are only during service hours Monday through Thursday from 9am to 7pm and Friday from 9am to 6pm!

Enjoy browsing!

Now available online: Schneider Bautabellen and Handbook of porous materials

The tub. has just acquired two new eBooks to make it easier for you to access these frequently used books:

Book covers of the two new ebooks:
Schneider Bautabellen and Handbook of porous materials

The Schneider Bautabellen have been used by engineers for over 45 years now, they are a standard work. Although we have numerous printed copies in the textbook collection, the title is now also available digitally. This means that you can use the current edition of the construction tables wherever you are, e.g. search online or print out selected documents.

The second title is the Handbook of porous materials and consists of these four volumes:

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Survey results on reference management at TUHH

Via a blog post and other communication channels, the tub. in cooperation with the Computing Center invited participation in a survey on the topic of reference management. The feedback will help to ensure that the service offering for reference management continues to provide TU members with the best possible support in the future, in line with existing requirements and needs. The results are now available.

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Windows-Pool Maintenance 29.3.-30.3.2022

On Tuesday 29.03.2022 and Wednesday 30.03.2022 the offers on the Windows-Pool computers in room 1005 (upper floor) are not available all day due to maintenance work! The windows pool computers in the reading room on the upper floor remain operational.

Update 30.03.22: The computers in the pool room upstairs (room 1.005) are already operational again this morning, 30.03.22, and can be used!