New fees as of 1. April 2016


As already announced the Senate of Hamburg issued a new schedule of fees for academic libraries in Hamburg effective April, 1, 2016. The new fees apply to the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek as well as to the libraries of Universität Hamburg, Technische Universität Hamburg, Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg, HafenCity-Universität Hamburg, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, and Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg.

A short overview oft the most important changes:

1. As usual you will get a reminding mail before the loan period is ending. In our library you will receive it now 4 days before this date.

The prospective maximum fee per item is now €18 (formerly €25). The recall fees will apply per item in following differentiation:

First request for return (1. week): 1 Euro
Second request for return (2. week): (2. week): 2 Euro (total 3 Euro/Medium)
Third request for return (3. week): (3. week): 5 Euro (total 8 Euro/Medium)
Final request for return (5. week): 10 Euro (total 18 Euro/Medium)

2. Students of all public institutions of higher education in Germany are exempt from the annual charge. Please be aware that this remission does not apply to students of (state approved) private institutions. Members of those are charged for the full annual fee of €20.

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Erasmus, Refugees: learning German!

Semesterapparat International StudentsPlease note that the programs at TUHH are mostly taught in German as the main language of instruction. In case of application you have to prove sufficient knowledge in German language. An overview of the language skills and documents needed is provided here.

TUHH is offering preparation courses named SPRINT@TUHH. It prepares participants in course subjects, including math and physics, and the language of instruction (Academic German) for study requirements at the TUHH. (Note: Application deadline for summer 2016 already passed. Closing date is 15 January every year.)

The site “Learning german at the TUHH” provides Links to interactive tutorials on german language as well as interactive practicing for “Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (Test for German as a foreign language). The test itself is provided (amongst others) by IBH.
Also useful are the online dictionaries Arabterm (a technical dictionary) and Arabdict, which isn’t entirely a technical dictionary but knows many technical terms.

Find in the library material for self-learning the German language!

Ready, steady, … writing

Little Night of Academic Writing at TUHH 2016

The third “Kleine Nacht des wissenschaftlichen Schreibens” (Little or Short Night of Academic Writing) will take place at TUHH in the rooms around Audimax 1 (Building H – Am Schwarzenberg Campus 5) on Wednesday May 11, 2016 from 3 pm to 10 pm. The “Kleine Nacht” include stimulation and animation around academic writing and research methods for students and lecturers. This year the first time also with a program of introductory presentations in English!

Application for the “Kleine Nacht” is possible through the learning management system Stud.IP. You have to be logged in when applying for the Night via Stud.IP. But you are also welcome without registration.

Here is the list of the presentations in English:

  • Introduction to Latex (Alexander C. Wawrzyn). 4:30 pm – 5 pm, room H0.02
  • Reference management with Zotero (Beate Rajski). 5 pm – 5:30 pm, room H0.02
  • Reference management with Citavi (Beate Rajski). 6 pm – 6:30 pm, room H0.02
  • Finding information without missing anything important (Thomas Hapke). 6:50 pm – 7:20 pm, room H0.02
  • Avoidung Plagiarism. Quotation rules for your thesis (Iris Lorscheid). 7:30 pm – 8:15 pm, room H0.02
  • How to tell it to my reader? (Matthias Buntenkötter). 8:30 pm – 9:15 pm, room H0.02

Concentrated and silent active work is possible in special writing rooms. The program (flyer) includes motivational talks (this year the first time also in English!) as well as workshops. Writing consultation is offered as well as consultation on scholarly research methods, on finding subject information and on knowledge organisation through reference management! Consultation is also possible in English language!

The “Kleine Nacht” is organized by the TUHH Student Counseling Center in cooperation with the students’ union executive committee AStA, the TUHH library, the Center for Teaching and Learning (ZLL), University Sports, and the TU Computing Centre as well as several internal and external contributors.

The TUHH library has been offering a German language weblog since a few years, which accompanies a seminar course “Academic research and writing” (Description in English) as a form of showcase. Some of the lecturers from this course, which is organised by the TUHH library and which is part of the module “Nontechnical Complementary Courses for Bachelors” at TUHH, will offer some of the introductory presentations at the “Kleine Nacht”.


Just say שִׁבֹּלֶת

or more readable: Shibboleth. In biblical times though, it could have serious consequences, when pronounced the wrong way.

„Then said they unto him, Say now Shibboleth: and he said Sibboleth: for he could not frame to pronounce it right. Then they took him, and slew him at the passages of Jordan: and there fell at that time of the Ephraimites forty and two thousand.“ (Judges 12,6 KJV)

Times have changed. Meanwhile Shibboleth is also the name of an authentication service. It is well established for many years, both within the German Research Network as well as internationally. The computing center of the TUHH offers Shibboleth since beginning of 2016.

Shibboleth Logo

Why should you care?

Many publishers offer Shibboleth for external access additionally to campus network authentication .

How does it work?

If you, for example, are at home (without VPN) and would like to access an e-book on SpringerLink you can  “Log in via Shibboleth”. First select your home institution “TU Hamburg-Harburg”. This will automatically direct you to the login page of the computing center of the TUHH. After successful registration, you will be automatically directed back to the original page by Springer with access to all licensed content.

What’s the advantage?

The TUHH ID and password remains safe within TUHH. SpringerLink gets only two information: You belong to TUHH and you have registered with a valid password. Shibboleth also supports Single Sign On (SSO). So if you move on to another publisher page, for example, ScienceDirect by Elsevier, you will have immediate access to the licensed content. So with no additional software such as VPN installed you have access to protected resources from any computer, from any network.

Who can use Shibboleth?

Students and employees of TUHH are entitled for e-media use via Shibboleth. We are going to enable Shibboleth access as quickly as possible at the many providers of e-media. Progress is documented here..

Help needed?

We are happy to answer questions about e-media and Shibboleth. For problems with your TUHH please consult the Service Desk of the computing center.


English Week – Book Crossing

English title2

„I´m a very special book. You see I´m traveling around the world making new friends”

We will offer english books in this week for our international students and friends who are interested in english books. Have fun while reading. We would be glad if you make a quick journal entry by

Let´s go … read and release books! You are welcome.

Thank you for your book donation.

Opening hours Easter 2016


Over the Easter weekend, Friday 25-03-2016  – Monday 28-03-2016, the reading rooms and work rooms of our library are open:

Friday 10am – 8pm
Easter Saturday 8am – 8pm
Easter Sunday/Monday 10 am – 8pm

On those days there won’t be any services.

We wish you happy Easter!

So long Pay Machine

KassenautomatIt has been 18 years, since our pay machine started working in the library. Many coins and notes have entered its slit for various fees. But in its old days trouble started, when new Euro notes would not be accepted. So on March 1st the machine was taken out of service.

For the time being please pay your fees via debit card.

At the latest in April, there will be a new pay station. This will then accept both cash and debit cards. And it will be connected to our library system. So all fees can be paid at the machine without having to present again at the circulation desk the receipt for the payment.

The new pay machine will be installed starting April 18th.


New fees as of 1. April 2016 – Preliminary information

Euro-Münzen und Banknoten
It is planned that a new “Gebührenordnung für wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken” (Scale of fees for scientific libraries) will take effect April, 1, 2016. This scale will be passed by the Senate of the City of Hamburg based on the Hamburg Law of Fees.

Important innovation will concern – above all – those of you, who do not return media in due time or who do not extend the loans in due time.

Good news for you first: the survey of the fees will become more transparent. The reason: the fees will be booked to your account and are visible for you immediately, not any longer after return of media.

Within a few weeks the new fees will apply to you all over Hamburg in following differentiation.
In case of a request for return they will appear in your account immediately:

First request for return (1. week): 1 Euro
Second request for return (2. week): (2. week): 2 Euro (total 3 Euro/Medium)
Third request for return (3. week): (3. week): 5 Euro (total 8 Euro/Medium)
Final request for return (5. week): 10 Euro (total 18 Euro/Medium)

Please note, that you will have to pay 18 Euros per book, should you overdraw your loan period for five weeks.

As you see fees will change only by distinct overdrafts of the loan periods.
Speedy returning instead is in interest of all our users …

The “Gebührenordung” has to pass the political authorities in Hamburg. We will inform you, when it will get valid.

Your questions now we`d like to answer yet.

Done – shelves reduced!

Done – the shelves have been reduced!


Now there is silence again 😉

During the next months (estimated in May or June) the new rooms for the power supply will be constructed here and also in the reading room 1. We will tell you in time…

Thank you for your understanding!

Your TU-Library