Where are the Books?

Text Book Collection

In addition to their call number of the Reading Room some commonly used standard works are also marked with the notation “LB” (=”Lehrbuchsammlung”, Text Book Collection) in the catalog.
Of these titles there are several loanable copies, arranged in alphabetical order in the Text Book Collection in the lower Reading Room.

One or two copies of a Text Book Collection title are not loanable (marked with the red sticker “P”=”Präsenz and yellow sticker, reference book). So, should all loanable copies be lent, you still have the chance to work in the Library using the reference copy.

Reading Rooms

Frequently used literature such as encyclopaedia, textbooks, handbooks, standards, fundamental works as well as all current journals are kept in the reading rooms.

Here you will find about 20% of our stack.

The books are arranged in subject groups. You will find journals at the end of each group.

Closed Stack

Books, located in the closed stack, can be ordered via the catalog. You will be prompted for your library card number and your password.

Requests during our service hours are usually made available within half an hour in the pick-up rack next to the service places. Requests made after this time will be available on the next opening day (Monday to Friday) in the collection shelf. You can then borrow the requested titles.

Ordered books will be reserved for you until the end of the next opening day.
If the book is not picked up, the order will be deleted from your borrower data.

Institute of TUHH

Books with shelf numbers consisting of three letters and three digits, but starting with a “D” are situated in the institutes of TUHH.
Please contact the colleagues of service.