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Our fees are based on the  Gebührensatzung der Universitätsbibliothek der Technischen Universität Hamburg published in the Amtlicher Anzeiger on 24-03-2017, adjusted on 18-02-2023 and 30-04-2024.

The following overview is valid from 30-04-2024:

Issue of a Library Card
Regular fees
  Annual card € 30,00
  Semi-annual card € 18,00
  Monthly card € 10,00
Reduced fees (annual card)
  • Students and staff of TUHH
  • Students of other state universities in Europe
  • (Note: private universities are not reduced)
  • Staff and guests of state universities in Hamburg
  • Draftees
  • Persons of federal volunteer service
  • Unemployed and receivers of social benefits
€ 5,00
  • Trainees
  • Pupils of schools providing general education
  • Teachers at state schools in Hamburg
Corporate bodies
  Annual card €120,00
Replacement library card
  for all customers € 15,00
Late fees
1st week (1st day) 1st request for return € 1
2nd week 2nd request for return € 2
3rd week 3rd request for return € 5
5th week 4th request for return € 10
  Maximum sum per loan is therefore € 18,00
Interlibrary Loan
  Within Germany € 1,50
  International loans € 3,20
  Loss of EDP media of Interlibrary Loan € 5,00
Loss of book
  Administration fee per book € 30,00

Please pay your fees at the pay machine. Cash, giro cards and credit cards are accepted.
Fees should be paid at once: You will be blocked automatically with outstanding fees exceeding the limit (10 Euro) or with fees older than six months. No circulation activities will be possible then.

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