Open Access

The aim of Open Access is to make scientific information freely accessible to all people worldwide: free of charge and as free as possible of technical and legal barriers. The TUHH has supported this goal since 2012 with its Open Access Policy and is a signatory of the “Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Scientific Knowledge” of 2003. Financial support for open access publications is provided by the TUHH Open Access Publication Fund. In September 2018, the Academic Senate of the TUHH adopted the openTUHH | Policy for Openness in Research and Teaching.

Two Ways to the Goal

Scientific publications from the TUHH are also to be made freely accessible to the public. To reach this goal you have two options: the Golden Way and the Green Way.

Gold Open Access

The Golden Way represents the initial publication of a scientific contribution in an Open Access publication. At TUHH, these are generally peer-reviewed articles which are made accessible free of charge in open access journals. These Publications are often subject to publication fees, which must be paid by the authors. The library will advise you on questions regarding the selection of magazines and financing. It also operates a publication fund from which the article fees are paid under certain conditions. Only open access journals that are included in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) are supported.

Take the Golden Way

Green Open Access

The Green Way stands for publishing publications in repositories such as TUHH Open Research (TORE). TORE is the open access repository of TUHH. Here, scientific results from the TUHH can be published, but also the author’s version of an already published pay-wall article. Most scientific publishers allow time-delayed publication of post or preprints on a repository. The project SHERPA/RoMEO provides detailed information on the individual publishers.

Take the Green Way

Publishing Fund

After the library initially initiated an open access publication fund from its own resources in 2013 and thus bore a proportion of the costs of open access articles, additional funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) was available for the publication fund from 2014 – 2019. After the end of the project, the library will continue the publication fund: if the criteria of the DFG are met, the TU Library will continue to cover the costs of published articles in so-called GOLD Open Access journals in full. You can still apply for funding, please fill out the form here: Publication Fund TUHH Make the application before submitting the article, you will receive news from us about the possible coverage of costs.


With the project DEAL the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) is negotiating on behalf of the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany with the big STEM publishers Elsevier, Springer Nature und Wiley about nation-wide agreements for licensing e-journals.

The aims of DEAL are:

  • a fair financial burden to get a wide-scale, lasting digital access to scholarly literature of the participiating publishers for academics in Germany
  • the transformation to open access, from subscription-based to publication-based financing of publishing scholarly information in Germany via Open Access.


A contract was signed between the DEAL project and Wiley Publishing on January 15th, 2019. TUHH has joined this contract. As a result, new articles with corresponding authors from the TUHH will be made Open Access worldwide. The contract regulates the payment of publication fees by the TUHH:

  • Information about the procedure: Publishing with Wiley
  • Springer Nature

    There is a contract valid from January 1st, 2020 – end of 2022. The transitional agreement ensures further access to the periodicals of the publisher until final contract settlement: 


    The negotiations with the publisher Elsevier have not yet led to any success. There was currently a meeting with the new management of Elsevier.Since the beginning of 2019 there has only been limited access to Elsevier journal articles within TUHH:

    Articles that are no longer available at TUHH can be ordered via interlibrary loan. As a rule, you will receive a paper copy within a week.

    In general, it is worth checking whether required articles of a publisher are also available via Open Access.

    Articles urgently needed by TUHH researchers can be obtained via a special service of the TU library via document delivery.

    Publishing agreements

    Special conditions for publishing in Open Access have been agreed upon with some publishers within the framework of license agreements or memberships. In the following, we inform you about the agreements from which you can benefit as a TUHH member. Please note that you must also apply in advance to these publishers for funding through the publication fund.


    TUHH has acquired rights from IEEE for the publication of 10 articles in IEEE Journals (not in the Proceedings) in Open Access. This may include submissions to both hybrid and gold journals of the publisher. Articles that are over-length will still incur additional charges. These are not covered by the library and must be financed by the author’s project funds.
    According to the current status, 2 APCs (article processing charges) are still available, which can be charged via this special condition. The offer runs until the end of February 2022, by which time the article must have been accepted. To apply for these APCs please use the application form for the publication fund.


    The library participates in the IOAP (Institutional Open Access Program) on behalf of the TUHH:
    As a member, TUHH receives a 10% discount on APCs since 1.5.2020.

    IOP Journals – Read and Publish

    A read-and-publish contract (2022-2024) was concluded by the TIB consortium. This contract provides access to over 85 journals. The publish component covers an unlimited number of articles that can be published without embargo period and under CC BY 4.0 license in 56 hybrid journals and 15 gold open access journals. All articles of the type “primary research article” (incl. “research papers”, “special issue articles”, “let-ters” and “review articles”) are eligible.

    For 2021 there is still one article available.

    AIP – Publish and Read

    For the contract years 2021-2023, an Open Access transformation contract is under negotiation by the TIB consortium with AIP. This will allow open access publishing in selected hybrid journals. The contract includes journals of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) as well as the following Member Societies:

    • Acoustical Society of America (ASA),
    • American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT),
    • Science and Technology Society (AVS),
    • Society of Rheology (SOR).

    A limited contingent of articles is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For 2021, participating institutions currently have 300 publications available.

    Open Access materials

    Posters, flyers, slides and other materials about Open Access and publishing in Open Access are available here for free reuse.

    Poster Open Access Week 2018

    Slides Open Access At TUHH

    Slides Open Access at TUHH: Powerpoint | PDF

    Search open access publications

    The tub. offers a regularly updated overview with different options for open access research:

    Further information on Open Access

    Further information can be found on the Open Access information platform.

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