Our actionshelf behind the pickup shelf of the magazine requirements is again stocked, this time on the subject “Animals”. You can view the books and borrow them straight away. In the next few weeks our yellow bookcrossing shelf will also be filled with books on this topic. Journal entries are always welcome. We look forward …

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Salad of numbers

Figure Salad

For one week you can find in our yellow bookcrossing shelf a colourful mix of books with numbers on the front page. These books can be taken and kept. To match, we have equipped our action shelf  behind the pick-up shelf of the closed stack  requirements. These books can be borrowed after self-booking. Enjoy browsing …

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Enjoy your meal!

In our yellow bookcrossing shelf you will find cookbooks, guides and titles in which a food or a meal occurs. Have fun reading and post-cooking! In addition to this we have filled our STEM shelf. We are a little surprised ourselves about the amount of titles that fit to these topics :-) Selected literature

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