Homework help wanted?

Source: ZBW Econbiz

Here, of course, is meant the term paper in the context of the study, that is, the one that has to be written ;-)

Term papers are not necessarily a favorite activity for many students during their studies. However, they are a good way to prepare for writing a thesis. If you are going to write a term paper soon – perhaps during the Christmas break or at another time – then we can recommend a practical handout from the ZBW – Leibniz Information Center for Economics to support you. It provides you with the most important information on how to get started. The handout is not only suitable for the subject of economics, but also describes the general procedure for writing a term paper or bachelor thesis.

One focus is on finding the right literature, i.e. research and tips on this, such as the search term diagram. But also the evaluation of sources is discussed and of course the creation of an exposé and the correct citation. On the pages of the ZBW you will also find more information.

And for those who would prefer to have the brochure in printed form, there are several copies in German or English available at the tub. service desk.

Christmas closure of the University Library 2021

The University Library of TU Hamburg will close this year on Thursday, 23. December 2021, at 7 pm for the Christmas holidays and the turn of the year. From Monday, 03.01.2022 we will be back for you at the regular opening hours!

We wish you a Merry Christmas, good health and all the best in the New Year!

The library's christmas tree, build with books.

Survey on literature management at the TUHH – your opinion is needed

Image source: tub. CC BY 4.0

A few weeks ago, we announced the availability of Citavi Web trial access at TU in this blog post and via circular email. We had also announced that we would ask you about your experiences and impressions with Citavi Web at the end of the test period.

In the course of planning a possible further licensing of Citavi or possibly another program, we would also like to take this opportunity to find out from you in general what your requirements and needs are with regard to literature management programs and how we (Computer Center and Library) can best support you in this regard in the future.

Your answers are important for us and will help us to decide in which form a literature management program will be available at TUHH in the future to support your scientific work. We would therefore be pleased to have a large number of participants in the survey. We will let you know the result and also how the further planning looks like.

Here is the link to our survey (Update: January 10th, 2022, survey closed).

Thank you very much for your participation!

#OAWeek2021: Welcome to Open Access Week 2021

This year, Open Access Week will take place from October 25 to 31, 2021. Under the motto „It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Building Structural Equity“, institutions are promoting open access to scientific information with events and activities. TUHH is also participating with the support of the TU Library.

Banner Open Access Week 2021

Open Policy der TUHH

Hamburg University of Technology is committed by Policy of Openness in Research and Teaching to quality, transparency, participation and international cooperation in research and teaching and to networking within the University and with partners in science, business and politics. It thereby embraces the vision of the university as a place for trans-disciplinary dialog where work on solutions to societal challenges and basic research take place in open exchange with work, testing and research being undertaken jointly.

„If you think about science in its elementary structure, an open exchange of knowledge, findings, and ideas is one of the main drivers of innovation.“

Andreas Timm-Giel, President TUHH

Open Science

Open Science is a culture change in scientific methodology and communication. It means that communication, networking and sharing information among scientists and between scientists and civil society can be shaped and promoted more openly and more effectively by means of digital tools. It is accompanied by the requirement to make access to scientific publications, research data and scientific software barrier-free from the financial, technical and legal perspectives. The aim of this is to improve scientific processes, to enhance transparency and ways to assure the quality of scientific work by improving the provision of information and to increase scientific transfer and innovation in business and society that is based on scientific findings

„I also believe that the shift to open science, meaning sharing our findings and scientific results openly according to the Fair principles, is a great advantage. Only if other researchers can access our results easily including measurement data and source code, they will easily reference our work and can openly discuss on improvements with us with our researchers.“

Andreas Timm-Giel, President TUHH

TUHH Research Data Policy

The sustainable preservation and provision of research data contributes to the traceability and quality of scientific work and opens up important connection possibilities for further research. For this reason, the Academic Senate of the TUHH adopted the Guidelines for Handling Research Data at the TU Hamburg in May 2021.

According to the FAIR principles, research data must be findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Responsible handling of research data throughout the entire life cycle is an indispensable part of good scientific practice. This has now been explicitly emphasized for the TUHH with its own research data policy.

Our program at the TU Hamburg

In addition to daily blog posts around the theme of Open Access Week 2021 and the topic of Open Access, the tub. is also offering two open office hours on Open Access this week. Further details can be found in the following schedule:

Tuesday 26.10.2021

Wednesday 27.10.2021

Thursday 28.10.2021

Friday 29.10.2021

Saturday 30.10.2021

Sunday 31.10.2021

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact openaccess@tuhh.de.

IBISWorld database for testing

Maybe you’ve already heard about IBISWorld and want to give the database a try? It is not only interesting for economists, but also for other disciplines. The database provides access to about 4000 industry reports with market analyses for Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, China and more.

Homepage IBISWorld

Each report includes both quantitative and qualitative trend analysis on key industry statistics, operating conditions, product and market segments, and the competitive environment, including major industry players.

Interactive charts facilitate the overview and comparison between the industries. The reports are searchable and can be downloaded in various formats (unfortunately this is not possible with the test access). The test is possible until November 30. You do not need any special access data for this if you are in the TUHH area (VPN). Please feel free to let us know what experiences you have had with this offer.

Your tub.

TORE not available from Oct 15 until Oct 17 2021

Unfortunately we have to stop our service TUHH Open Research (TORE) from Friday, Oct 15, around 4:30pm until Oct 17 completely! In this timeframe it will not be possible to access contents on TORE or to create new items on it.

Background: There will be a power shutdown at the Regional Computer Center Hamburg this coming weekend: https://www.rrz.uni-hamburg.de/ueber-uns/aktuell/2021/2021-09-02-wartung-stromabschaltung.html. This will affect TORE’s document storage.

Our apologies for any inconvenience; we will do our best to keep the downtime as low as possible.