More ACS journals

Journal of the American Chemical Society and other ACS journals

Two years ago the tub. changed access for journals of the American Chemical Society (ACS) from print to online. This year the tub. offers access to further ACS journals within the TUHH intranet. A journals package has been licensed, which includes more journals by paying not too much additional costs. Additional journals has been selected […]

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Selected journals of ACS now online

The transition from the printed to the digital version of journals has resulted in an increase of expenses for digital journals in the last years. At the request of its customers the TUHH library has now switched its journal subscriptions at the American Chemical Society (ACS) to the digital version: Analytical Chemistry Environmental Science &

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Chemistry textbooks online

A lot of online books are available within the TUHH intranet. Here is a selected collection of chemical textbooks and introductions into chemistry: Inorganic chemistry / J. E. House. 2nd ed. Academic Press, 2013 Advanced organic chemistry, part A: Structure and mechanisms / Francis A. Carey. 5. ed. Springer, 2008 und Advanced organic chemistry, Part

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