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In addition to approximately 500,000 printed books, you will also find more than 200,000 e-books that you can access within the campus network. Openly accessible in the reading room is the textbook collection as well as other study literature. A part of our printed stock is in the stacks for space reasons and can be ordered by you via tub.find. Here you can find all printed and digital books of the TUHH library.


We have 49,000 digital scientific journals for you, as well as 181 print journals. (This search slot allows you to search by journal title, not by article).

You can search here too Electronic Journals Library

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For printed journals, the five most recent volumes in the reading rooms are always at the end of their systematic group. For example, you will find journals from the field of technical informatics (TI) under TIZ and mathematics (MA) under MAZ.

Volumes older than five years are in the magazine. You can order these volumes through the catalog and pick them up after 30 minutes.

Periodicals may only be used in the reading room.


With this search slot only articles (printed or digital) will be searched:


Within the research process patent applications are often the first published account of the invention and it may also be the only published account. About 60 % of the information described in patents are not published elsewhere.
When searching in patent databases using notations of the International Patent Classification is a good tool to find subject specific patents which are often described in the title or the patent itself very global.

Patent datenbases
DEPATISnet – German patent information system

  • PDFs Free of charge
  • German Patents from 1877
  • US-Patents from 1790

US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

  • Free of charge, US-Patents
  • Full texts in tiff format, special viewer necessary!

Espacenet (European Patent Office)

  • Free of charge
  • German, European and world patents

International Patent Classifikation
European Patent Classification bei espacenet

  • Enhanced Version of the IPC
  • Searching for the naming of classes and notations possible

Tables of the IPC in German via Depatisnet

  • displayed with all capillary ramifications
  • searching with English keywords for the naming of notations possible

English Version of the IPC

Derwent Innovations Index von Clarivate Analytics

  • Important commercial patent database, not availbale within TUHH intranet
  • Patents world-wide

Older patents are often found only when searching for the exact patent number. Search in database fields like title, inventor, abstract, notation of IPC or even full text is often only possible starting from a distinct year which depends of database and country of origin of the patent.

More about patents

Further advice on patents

Substance property data

Property data

Comprehensive printed collections of property data

(with TUHH libary shelf number)

Harzardous substances databases

Course Reserves

A course reserve is a selection of literature compiled by lecturers for specific university courses. The books are available as reference holdings in Reading Room 2 of the library. These books cannot be borrowed.

The available course reserves are displayed on the left side of the menu..

If you are a lecturer yourself and would like to set up a course reserve, please send us a list with the desired books, articles and web links to

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