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Interlibrary Loan

If you cannot find the literature you need in our library, you can order it through interlibrary loan. An order costs € 1,50. You can also book interlibrary loan units directly through your library account.

Please note: if you want to place an interlibrary loan order you first need an additional interlibrary loan account.

Interlibrary loan with catalogue tub.find

You can initiate an interlibrary loan order directly in the results list of our catalogue, because our catalogue tub.find offers this when you expand the search area.

search 'beyond TUHH stock'
Search beyond the TUHH-Stock

By the way:

Further search:
You can also place interlibrary loan orders directly in GVK – GBV Union Catalogue.

You are welcome to suggest missing books for purchase via the acquisition proposal button.

Interlibrary loan with GBV

  • Interlibrary loans are made via the Common Library Network (GBV).
  • The creation of an account is free of charge.
  • An interlibrary loan order costs € 1.50 per book or per copied essay (up to 40 pages). You can book the credit for this via your library account or also by email.
  • The delivery period is usually 1-4 weeks.
  • The loan period is 4 weeks, an extension is not possible in this case.
  • In principle, the order of a work in copy may only comprise a maximum of 10 % of the total work.

Further ordering options

  • You cannot find the literature you are looking for in the catalogues mentioned or you were unable to order online? In this cases please use the Offline Order form.

The service team will then take care of the order for you. Required is that you have a valid library card from tub. An order costs € 1,50.

You can get an overview of what is available in the academic libraries via the Catalogue of Hamburg Universities.

Open Access Options

Some authors published their articles Open Access (OA). You can almost always find these versions via Google Scholar: Install Google Scholar button for browser.

Browser plug-ins show whether an article is also available as an open access version after they have been installed on the respective computer.


In the case of Unpaywall, a “green lock” signals to you after a few seconds while you are surfing whether an open-access version can be found. Clicking on this icon will then take you to the free version of the essay as a pdf-file.

Open Access Button

This plug-in supplements the display of the open access version with a request to the authors if no version was found.

For more information about Open Access, click here.

Paid Express Delivery Services

If you need literature very quickly, you can use fee-based document delivery services. Please note that you must register there in person and pay any costs incurred yourself:

Extra option for TUHH academic staff: Articles urgently needed by TUHH researchers can be obtained from the TU library within 72 hours via a document delivery service. The costs are paid by the University Library.

Send us an e-mail with all the important information about the article and your library card number to: fernleihe@tuhh.de

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