Open Access: Extension of the DEAL contract with Springer Nature

The DEAL contract with Springer Nature was extended for another year until December 31, 2023. There are no changes to the content of the contract.

CC BY 4.0 Projekt Deal

In view of the positive outcome of the DEAL-Springer Nature agreement, the shareholders of MPDL Services gGmbH have confirmed the contractually agreed option to extend the agreement for a 4th year. The nationwide DEAL agreement with Springer Nature has enabled Open Access for more than 12% of the research articles published annually in Germany over the last three years. Scientists, policy makers, health and education workers, and anyone with internet access worldwide can benefit from the latest findings of German research.

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New online books 2021 in the TUHH network

Digital semesters due to the Corona crisis also lead to expanded offers of online books or e-books in the TUHH network at the TU Hamburg. As early as May 2020, we had responded to this together with other Hamburg libraries.

With the year 2021, online books from additional publishers have now been added to the library holdings acecssible at TUHH.

New eBooks for 2021

Continueing to be available at TUHH are online books from the following publishers:.

At least for 2021, these textbooks remain accessible online:

Not renewed was access to all Wiley ebooks. Within the last few years’ contracts, we had bought the most used Online- Books purchased from Wiley firmly for access at TUHH. Purchase requests for e-books of individual Wiley titles not available at TUHH are always possible.

Also in 2013 eBooks from Springer

eBooks from the publisher Springer are offered by the TUHH library also in 2013. Within the TUHH-Intranet you get via SpringerLink a whole range of eBooks in German language. In addition the TU library also bought actual eBooks in English language for the subjects Engineering (2013), Professional and Applied Computing (until now no title published in 2013!)) as well as Energy.

Springer eBooks from 2013 will appear in the TUHH catalog in the course of time.

Here some interesting titles from 2013: