New online books 2021 in the TUHH network

Digital semesters due to the Corona crisis also lead to expanded offers of online books or e-books in the TUHH network at the TU Hamburg. As early as May 2020, we had responded to this together with other Hamburg libraries.

With the year 2021, online books from additional publishers have now been added to the library holdings acecssible at TUHH.

New eBooks for 2021

Continueing to be available at TUHH are online books from the following publishers:.


At least for 2021, these textbooks remain accessible online:


Not renewed was access to all Wiley ebooks. Within the last few years’ contracts, we had bought the most used Online- Books purchased from Wiley firmly for access at TUHH. Purchase requests for e-books of individual Wiley titles not available at TUHH are always possible.

Articles via ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect @TUHamburgIn 2015 access to most of the journals of ScienceDirect, the platform of the publisher Elsevier, is possible within TUHH intranet.

In addition to 57 journals subscribed until now, the TUHH library licensed for one year the so-called „Freedom Collection“ of the publisher (Information page of Elsevier). With this licensing access is possible to more than 2300 journals starting with the year 2011. Archival rights for permanent access to the journals have not been acquired within this additonal package.

A list of all accessible journals of the Freedom Collection is available, as is a complete list, containing also journals without access.

eBooks from Elsevier for a further year

eBooks from publisher Elsevier via ScienceDirect are available within TUHH intranet for a further year. How much you use specific eBooks will influence which eBooks we keep afterwards.

For the year 2012 the decision was already made. Here is a list of most-used eBooks in 2012 which the TUHH library has bought:

  1. CUDA application design and development / Farber, Rob. 2011.
  2. Complete PCB design using OrCAD Capture and PCB editor / Mitzner, Kraig. 2009.
  3. MATLAB : a practical introduction to programming and problem solving / von Attaway, Stormy. 2012 Second Edition.
  4. The finite element method / Nithiarasu, P.; Taylor, Robert L. … 2005 (Sixth Edition)
  5. Offshore Wind : A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Offshore Wind Farm Installation / Kurt Thomsen. 2012.
  6. Atlas of zeolite framework types / Baerlocher, Christian. 2007 (Sixth Edition).
    228 Zugriffe
  7. Marine propellers and propulsion / Carlton, John S. 2007 (Second Edition).
  8. Engineering turbulence modelling and experiments 6 : proceedings of the ERCOFTAC International Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements – ETMM6. 2005.
  9. Pinch analysis and process integration : a user guide on process integration for the efficient use of energy / Kemp, Ian C. 2007 (Second Edition).
  10. Intermetallic chemistry / Ferro, Riccardo. 2008.

The following 5 top titles, heavily used, have not been bought until now, but maybe at the end of this year.