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Maintenance work power supply reading room

Dear students,

In the next week, routine maintenance work will have to be carried out on our power supply. This can lead to power cut-offs every now and then. This happens on the following days:

Monday, 19 march, reading room 1 of the library, between 7 a. m. and 3 p. m.

Wednesday, 21.3. reading room 2, also between 7 and 15 o’ clock

However, you may still use the reading rooms!

Sometimes the elevator will also be out of order, this will be indicated by a sign!
Service restrictions are to be expected! Thank you for your understanding!

Your tub.

New learning niches






Dear students,

as you may have already noticed, the four new single workstation niches have arrived and have been set up in reading room 2.
Two are located in the southeast corner and two behind the elevator on the west side of the reading room.
It is the niches for which you voted by a majority in our survey last autumn. Thank you again for your participation!

Learn German and get to know the country and its people

A country’s culture includes not only language, but also much more. In order to get to know them, apparently so profane things like food and drink or travelling are also suitable. Above all, this is also fun. So that you can learn more about the country and its people in Germany beyond the German language, we have put together a small selection of topics that will definitely interest you, e. g:

  • Eating and drinking German cuisine
  • Travel guide North and Baltic Sea and of course Hamburg
  • Customs and traditions

Find out more about some typical German things in the book: “German men sit down to pee” or “Schrebergärten”.

The books are currently on our special shelf in the entrance area of the library. In the future you will find some of these books in room 1.006 (in the corridor behind the upper reading room), where the other language course materials are located.

Have fun with it!

Your tub.

Even more light

Dear students,

in the next few days, the emergency lighting in the tub will be renewed, including the Mensa building. This means that ceiling elements are opened at different points in the reading rooms to install the new luminaires.

The work is due to be completed in September, and as much as possible “loud” actions will take place before 9 a. m.

Thank you for your understanding!

In Need for a Working Space?

Starting today, we present four new working spaces with temporary furniture available. There are two large work spaces for small groups and two small, in which two people can work on a library computer. This should serve in the future for learning language.

The new working spaces can be found in the upper reading room behind the CIP-Pool.

Large room:

Large room

Small room:

Small room


It will be constructed…

Dear students,

now it is time, that the new rooms for the extension of the power supply will be constructed.


The drywall builder started today in the area behind the lift.
We ask for your understanding, because it will be noisy sometimes!

Thank you, your TU-Library!

Done – shelves reduced!

Done – the shelves have been reduced!


Now there is silence again ;-)

During the next months (estimated in May or June) the new rooms for the power supply will be constructed here and also in the reading room 1. We will tell you in time…

Thank you for your understanding!

Your TU-Library

Moving books for better power-supply

Bereich_BuecherrueckenWe are going to improve the power supply in the reading rooms!
Therefore it is necessary to make way for the new rooms for the power-distributors beneath the lift.
So we have to relocate some books. On Friday we begin to move the books in the area behind the lift in reading room 2.
We are as silent as possible and apologize in case of potential noise!

Your TUHH-library