Good news! tub. gets its own water dispenser!

Photo: Ri Butov via pixabay

The library is finally getting its own water dispenser! This will be installed directly in the entrance area, on the wall between the doors to the restrooms.

For this purpose, remodeling work will soon take place in the ladies’ room (tiling and electrical work). As this will take a few days, we ask you to use the toilets on the upper floor or also the barrier-free WC on the first floor during this time. However, the men’s WCs can still be used.

Server switchover- the library opens at 12 noon

A person walks into the librarie's entrance.

Update 15.02.2022, 14:30 pm: The server move is complete. Currently, normal operations have largely resumed.

Update 15.02.2022, 12:45 pm: Unfortunately, restrictions on use continue at present. The following services are currently not available: Reservation online, lending and return, pay machine.

On Tuesday, 15th February, the University Library will not open until 12 noon.
Due to the relocation of the entire library system to a new server, lending and catalogue functions will temporarily not be available. This also applies to the reservation of individual work desks.
Since operating system of the previous servers is no longer being developed further, continued use of the current system could lead to security and supply issues with the hardware and software in the long term. Therefore, a modernisation of the system became necessary.

With the opening at noon on 15.02.2022, all services are expected to be available as usual.

Catalog tub.find – new titles missing at present

tub.find in Pad

In the course of the growing together of BSZ and GBV there are starting difficulties, which probably last longer. Therefore our catalog and discovery system tub.find is not up to date since 15-03-2019.

That is why we recommend not only to use our catalog tub.find for literature searches, but also to check in the classic catalog interface whether the title you want is part of the tub. stock. We do it too! Whether inquiries of our users on most diverse channels or locally or also with interlibrary loan orders – we look at present for security in both data base systems.

If you have any questions or need support, please do not hesitate to contact us at the service desk in the library. We ask for your understanding for the confusing situation!

Maintenance work power supply reading room

Dear students,

In the next week, routine maintenance work will have to be carried out on our power supply. This can lead to power cut-offs every now and then. This happens on the following days:

Monday, 19 march, reading room 1 of the library, between 7 a. m. and 3 p. m.

Wednesday, 21.3. reading room 2, also between 7 and 15 o’ clock

However, you may still use the reading rooms!

Sometimes the elevator will also be out of order, this will be indicated by a sign!
Service restrictions are to be expected! Thank you for your understanding!

Your tub.

Expect Some Noise

Dear students,

starting Wednesday, 2nd November 2016, it will be a bit louder in the library, because the new sockets at the walls will be installed! This will last  until Friday …
In the evenings there will be no construction work!

This will take us a step closer to optimized power supply for your mobile devices!

In case of need, please pick up your earplugs at the information desk!

Thank you for your understanding!!

Building activities starting Tuesday September 13

Already promised for a long time, the building activities concerning the modernization of power distribution in the reading rooms of the TUHH library start on Tuesday, September 13, 2016. Among other things, electrical sockets for your laptops will be installed. In the next weeks, troubles by using the working spaces of the readings rooms will be unavoidable. It will be noisy sometimes.

We ask for your understanding.

It will be constructed…

Dear students,

now it is time, that the new rooms for the extension of the power supply will be constructed.


The drywall builder started today in the area behind the lift.
We ask for your understanding, because it will be noisy sometimes!

Thank you, your TU-Library!

Done – shelves reduced!

Done – the shelves have been reduced!


Now there is silence again ;-)

During the next months (estimated in May or June) the new rooms for the power supply will be constructed here and also in the reading room 1. We will tell you in time…

Thank you for your understanding!

Your TU-Library

Moving books for better power-supply

Bereich_BuecherrueckenWe are going to improve the power supply in the reading rooms!
Therefore it is necessary to make way for the new rooms for the power-distributors beneath the lift.
So we have to relocate some books. On Friday we begin to move the books in the area behind the lift in reading room 2.
We are as silent as possible and apologize in case of potential noise!

Your TUHH-library