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Citavi Web for testing at the TUHH – also for Mac and Linux users!

For a long time the literature management Citavi was only available for Windows. Now the Citavi web version has been released. This can also be used with Linux, macOS or mobile devices. We, the computing center and the library, would like to first provide you with a test access to Citavi Web within the campus license and collect feedback after the test phase. Since Citavi Web is not free of charge, we would like to determine the need and benefit of the web version of Citavi for members of the TUHH. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Testing desired

The test is available now. Access is possible via https://citaviweb.citavi.com/. If you do not have a Citavi account yet, then register via “my university”. If you have not used Citavi before: We have compiled information on how to set up and use it on an information page on the application. More information on trying out Citavi Web is also available on the official pages of the provider.

In the coming weeks, we would like to gather experiences and impressions of Citavi Web and other wishes for literature management applications at the TUHH via an online survey. This will be announced in a timely manner via various communication channels.

Citavi Web

With Citavi Web, a writing project can now be accessed online in a browser, regardless of location. As mentioned at the beginning, this is independent of the operating system and with mobile devices such as tablets. This means that Apple and Linux users can also use Citavi for literature management.

Since the project data is stored online, it is also possible to access a project in a team. A chat function is also integrated for this purpose. This is what the Citavi Web interface looks like:

After own initial experiences, Citavi can be used almost as usual. All the essential functions of the Windows program version are also available in Citavi Web (especially the popular option of organising the collected knowledge). Some advanced functions are somewhat hidden, and missing functions in areas such as data entry, research or working with PDF files are (still?) pointed out on the Citavi support pages. Work was a little slow at times in initial tests. Here, too, we are looking forward to further feedback from interested parties at the TUHH.

A connection to Word is also integrated (but only for Word 2019 and Office 365) and working with PDFs also works well with the web version. The integration of Word is described in the Citavi manual.

Feedback to the tub.

We hope for a lively participation in the test phase in order to get a comprehensive overview of Citavi Web and literature management in general at the TUHH. So feel free to try Citavi Web (also as a user of other literature management applications) and give us feedback after the start of the online survey ;-)


Of course, as usual, we are here for you and yours to provide support on the topic of literature management in general, in addition to questions about applications such as Citavi and Zotero.

One more note, as Citavi Web is initially only released for testing, do not store any important data in it or do this additionally in a local Citavi project.

Contact persons for further questions are Florian Hagen und Detlev Bieler


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