Working Places for TUHH students

Starting on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, the tub will provide students of the TUHH with 91 single working places in the reading room. They can be used Monday to Friday from 3 to 9 pm. This offer will enable students with insufficient learning opportunities at home to work and learn in the library. Continue reading

In Need for a Working Space?

Starting today, we present four new working spaces with temporary furniture available. There are two large work spaces for small groups and two small, in which two people can work on a library computer. This should serve in the future for learning language.

The new working spaces can be found in the upper reading room behind the CIP-Pool.

Large room:

Large room

Small room:

Small room


Empty shelfs in upper reading room

Empty shelfs in upper reading roomPerhaps you’ve already noticed it? In the upper reading room you find empty shelfs more and more. What’s behind all this? What do we plan?

The TUHH library is always in transition, like its surroundings. More than 70% of the budget for media are spent for digital ones. Instead of many shelfs, which offered printed books in the reading rooms before, only the shadows on the carpets are left over today.

At the same time you like the library as learning place with its comfortable working atmosphere. Because of this we plan to arrange further working places as alcoves around the rotunda. So we will remove further shelfs to improve the quality of our working spaces and to allow a more convenient sense of space within the library.

In the next weeks a lot of books will be moved and shelfs will be reduced. For any trouble which might occur we hope for your comprehension.

Access to upper reading room

Fahrstuhl-AusfallMurphy at work :-(

The stairway to the upper reading room is closed this week because of carpeting works. Unfortunately our elevator between levels has more or less stopped working. Please follow the signs for a detour via the office stairway.

Unfortunately the upper reading room can therefore only be opened between 9 am and 6.45 pm.

The stairs should be open again by the end of the week.

Maintenance work in reading rooms from 04-09-13

From Wednesday 04-09-13 the required replacement of smoke detectors will be carried out in our reading rooms. Low nuisances because of construction works will be unavoidable.

At that time also the regulation of the elevator in the reading room will be renewed. Please note that during the fortnightly reconstruction the elevator will not be usable.

We hope for your understanding!