So long Pay Machine

KassenautomatIt has been 18 years, since our pay machine started working in the library. Many coins and notes have entered its slit for various fees. But in its old days trouble started, when new Euro notes would not be accepted. So on March 1st the machine was taken out of service.

For the time being please pay your fees via debit card.

At the latest in April, there will be a new pay station. This will then accept both cash and debit cards. And it will be connected to our library system. So all fees can be paid at the machine without having to present again at the circulation desk the receipt for the payment.

The new pay machine will be installed starting April 18th.


New fees as of 1. April 2016 – Preliminary information

Euro-Münzen und Banknoten
It is planned that a new “Gebührenordnung für wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken” (Scale of fees for scientific libraries) will take effect April, 1, 2016. This scale will be passed by the Senate of the City of Hamburg based on the Hamburg Law of Fees.

Important innovation will concern – above all – those of you, who do not return media in due time or who do not extend the loans in due time.

Good news for you first: the survey of the fees will become more transparent. The reason: the fees will be booked to your account and are visible for you immediately, not any longer after return of media.

Within a few weeks the new fees will apply to you all over Hamburg in following differentiation.
In case of a request for return they will appear in your account immediately:

First request for return (1. week): 1 Euro
Second request for return (2. week): (2. week): 2 Euro (total 3 Euro/Medium)
Third request for return (3. week): (3. week): 5 Euro (total 8 Euro/Medium)
Final request for return (5. week): 10 Euro (total 18 Euro/Medium)

Please note, that you will have to pay 18 Euros per book, should you overdraw your loan period for five weeks.

As you see fees will change only by distinct overdrafts of the loan periods.
Speedy returning instead is in interest of all our users …

The “Gebührenordung” has to pass the political authorities in Hamburg. We will inform you, when it will get valid.

Your questions now we`d like to answer yet.