Behind the scenes ..

… libraries record the metadata of their holdings in shared databases which have been built up and used in so-called library unions.

BSZ-GBV "range"

Data of this common databases run into local library systems and catalogs like tub.find at TUHH. These local databases are also used in the local database of loaned books as well as in the acquisition and ordering system of the particular library. Ordering via interlibrary loan is possible directly in the library union databases.

During March 2019 the “cataloguing databases” of two large library unions, the GBV Common Library Network and the SWB Library Network, will be merged to a common database including more than 180 million records. This database has the working title K10plus (~ “Katalog für zehn Bundesländer und mehr” = “catalog of 10 federal states and more”).

This fusion behind the scenes also has temporarily an impact on local library services here at TUHH.

From the midst of March until the productive start in the end of March, restrictions of services may occur. This is especially true for:

  • Ordering of interlibrary loans via the GBV databases will not be pssoible starting March 22, 6 pmpresumably not be possible from March 15 to March 25, ordering of interlibrary loans possible again from March 26. [Corrected March 7, 2019]
  • During this time acquisition proposals will not be executed as promptly as normal.

We hope for you understanding.

Other services, like loaning and information, also the function of our catalog tub.find, are hopefully not affected.

Pentecost 2016


On Pentecost weekend, Saturday 14-05-2016 – Monday 16-05-2016, the reading rooms and work rooms of our library are open:

Saturday 8am – 8pm
 Sunday / Monday 10 am – 8pm

Staff services will not be available on these days.

Please note:

  1. Network maintenance on Sunday:
    Due to maintenance work at the TUHH network, the access to all TUHH Services will have short breaks at Sunday (15-05-2016) from 9am to 6pm.
  2. Library Loan:
    The Online Interlibrary Loan will not be possible on Monday (16-05-2016) from 4pm to 8pm. It`s possible to use the GBV-catalog.

Have a nice weekend!

We are buying books

Books just arrvied at the libraryAnd we are happy to provide you with books, you need for your individual work or study at TUHH. So please tell us, if you are searching TUBfind and the book you are looking for is not included in the library yet:

Acquisition Proposal

If you like, we put a hold on the book, as soon as it is available at TUHH library.

Nice to know:
In TUBfind you can include other library holdings in your search. In case we do not own a title, additional options are shown. You may either order the book from other libraries by interlibrary loan or send us an acquisition proposal for this title.

Using TUBfind to search other library holdings

Use the check box to search other libraries as well.

Saturday 01-03-2014 in TUBfind no availabilities, no online interlibrary loan possible!

Because of maintenance works at our hosting partner GBV online interlibrary loan will not be possible and databases of GBV will not be usable 01-03-2014 during 8:00am – 4:00pm. In TUBfind you will miss the information of availability.
In TUBfind and also in Classic Catalog Interface there could be delays by searching. We apologize for any inconveniences!

Fulltext@TUHH in GVK-PLUS

When you are in need for a text you can not locate in our library, Interlibrary Loan is available via GVK-PLUS-catalog.

Unfortunately this database did not always indicate whether full text is available for TUHH. Luckily this has been changed. Starting yesterday our Volltext@TUHH button is shown when applicable.
Volltext@TUHH Button

For example check out this article from Extremophiles : life under extreme conditions. – Tokyo : Springer, 1997-.