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Cloverleaf: 4 Ways to get an article for which there is no access within TUHH

In the past, for cost reasons the TUHH had only a few subscriptions to publishers like Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley. A broader offer was only achieved through access to digital collections without archival rights. As the TUHH is involved in the DEAL project, we currently have extremely limited access to Elsevier journals. This of […]

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Finding specialized information in mathematics: MathSciNet

MathSciNet – Mathematical Reviews on the Web is a database from the American Mathematical Society. It includes bibliographical references and abstracts from journal articles and books in the field of mathematicsk. Indexed are about 1900 international series and journals since 1940 (in addition about 47.000 references for the time range 1810 to 1940). All entries

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