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# OAWeek2021: tub.torials – a review of thoughts, ideas, and materials on openness in science, research, and teaching

In April 2019, the tub. launched the HOOU project (Hamburg Open Online University) tub.torials. The goal: to contribute a small part to more exchange on and about openness in science, research and teaching. The term „tub.torials“ is composed of the abbreviation of the University Library of the Hamburg University of Technology (tub.) and the term „tutorials“ (a kind of instruction manual that explains topics, processes and functions in various forms such as text, film or other formats). Part of the project was a blog offering that will continue to provide regular contributions from the entire life cycle of scientific communication after the project ends in December 2020.

Introductory videos, tip collections and guest posts

Various open educational materials have been shared here over the past three calendar years. These include small collections of tips (e.g. tips for the start of the semester) as well as insights into ideas, experiences, events attended and workflows in everyday work via individual contributions (e.g. to Digitaltag 2021 and stARTcamp 2021) as well as formats such as monthly notes.

On the other hand, first steps with open applications (among others an introduction to Zotero, video recording with OBS or video recording with Shotcut) and insights into – from the tub. – offered events such as the bachelor seminar „Scientific Work“ were shared. The latter was often the inspiration for educational materials such as the Open Science Umbrella or a questionnaire to examine one’s own writing habits.

Looking back, the #Notizschreibwochen2020 series of articles was particularly exciting, in which guest authors from different areas of teaching, learning, science, and research shared their own methods and approaches to note-taking. Also very enriching: the many individual impressions and perspectives of students on topics such as the first online semester at the university or the topics of digitization and sustainability.

One of the highlights of 2021 will certainly be the Open Access publication „More than 77 tips for scientific work“, for which it was possible to build on experiences of the HOS project (Hamburg Open Science) Modern Publishing with applications such as GitLab and pandoc for the technical implementation.

Sharing is caring – what does the future hold?

What most of the publications on tub.torials have in common is mutual inspiration. Whether it’s guest posts with new perspectives on a topic, working together on texts, or exchanging ideas on publications. Whether it’s exchanging ideas and feedback via the comment function, at digital and analog events, by e-mail or via social media, the open interaction between us (and hopefully externally as well) always sparks new ideas. And so it is also a wish and goal of tub. in the future to offer an opportunity for exchange through the open sharing of experiences and impressions and to support courage and openness to try out new things. True to the motto: „It matters how we open knowledge“.

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