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#OAWeek2019 Opening and Posterwalk

Open Access Week 2019 at Hamburg

The Open Access Week from 21 to 27 October 2019 at the TUHH will be opened on 21 October at 12:30 h by Prof. Dr. Kuchta (Vice President Teaching) and Prof. Dr. Timm-Giel (Vice President Research). We cordially invite you to visit us in the library (Building J, Rotunde tub.).

After Open Access had been a strategic goal of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) since 2013, the openTUHH Policy adopted by the TUHH Senate in autumn 2018 focused on the unity of openness in teaching and research and thus also on common digital infrastructures. The openTUHH Policy was developed from the Hamburg Open Science (HOS) and Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU) projects with the aim of promoting digital cultural change at the university.

Our poster walk takes up the policy and individual aspects of implementation. After the poster walk it is possible at 13.00 h to throw a view behind the scenes of the largest library in Harburg.


Open science and open education at TUHH

Poster openTUHH 2019

#2 openTUHH: Services of the library

openTUHH - Plakat der tub. 2018

#3 Open Knowledge

Offenheit von Wissen - Plakat der tub. 2019

#4 Open Access is a strategic aim of TUHH

Open Access - Plakat der tub. 2018

#5 Publishing in Open Access

Open Access publizieren - Plakat der tub. 2019DOI

#6 Open Access Repository TUHH: TUHH Open Research (TORE)

Open Acccess Resository - Plakat der tub. 2019DOI

#7 Open Content: Creative Commons Lizences

Offene Inhalte CC-Lizenzen - Plakat der tub. 2018

#8 Open Education: Open Educational Resources

Offene Bildung - OER - Plakat der tub. 2019DOI

#9 On the history of the openness of knowledge

Zur Geschichte der Offenheit von Wissen - Plakat der tub. 2018

#10 Journal article not found? 4 ways

Zeitschriftenartikel nicht gefunden? Plakat der tub. 2019DOI

#11 Modern publishing

Poster Offenheit lebenDOI

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