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Open Access through secondary publication

The green way to open access

Publications before (preprint) oder after peer review (accepted manuscript) can be additionally published as open access on our institutional repository TUHH Open Research.

TUHH Open Research
Open Access Repository of TU Hamburg

What does my publisher allow?

Many publishers allow authors to publish articles on their own repositories. For the TUHH this is TUHH Open Research (TORE). Usually an embargo period has to be obeyed and the accepted manuscript can be used for this purpose. The SHERPA/RoMEO database of publishers’ policies on copyright and self-archiving provides an overview of the different conditions of many publishers and journals.

The secondary publication on TORE can take place immediately after the publication of the article: An embargo period is specified at file level. If this expires, the file is automatically available worldwide.

Ensure your rights

If your article is not published with an open access licence, then ensure your right on self-archiving!

If you do not publish open access under an creative commons licence, please ensure the open access right to publish the accepted manuscript of your article on TUHH Open Research (TORE). Your individual contract with the publisher should include the following passage:

Die TU Hamburg erhält das Recht, den Inhalt des Artikels mit dem Zeitpunkt seines Erscheinens (alternativ 3 oder 6 Monate nach Erscheinen des Artikels) der Öffentlichkeit über das Internet oder in sonstiger Form frei zugänglich zu machen.

The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) shall be entitled to make the contents of the article freely accessible to the general public on the internet or in some other form at the time of publication (alternatively 3 or 6 months after the article’s publication).


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