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#OAWeek2019: A Home for TUHH Research Data

Publish research data after project completion? Nowadays, the question is not so much whether but rather where. Because data also feels most comfortable in the right company. A domain-specific repository with similar data and a subject-specific system that corresponds to the standards of its own specialist community and guarantees permanent, standard-compliant storage, provision and processing: This is the optimum for your own research data.

However, this ideal subject repository does not exist for every research data set. There may also be important reasons against storing them outside your own institution.

Since 2019, the library has therefore provided an institutional repository for the publication of research data from the TU Hamburg:

TUHH Open ResearchTUHH Open Research (TORE) contains a separate collection of “Research Data” for this purpose. Here you can publish files in various formats. Each entry receives a permanent DOI and thus can easily be cited.

As part of the Open Access Week 2019, we would like to present the possibilities for research data in TORE.

TORE for research data:

  1. Login
    • The secure institutional registration is guaranteed with the TUHH-Account (Shibboleth)
  2. Upload:
    • Research data can be stored in a variety of formats
    • A description of the contents with metadata (DataCite standard) belongs to each data record
    • The files can be provided with an embargo period
    • If necessary, the files can be provided with access protection
    • Issue of a license (Creative Commons as standard)
    • Data sets and publications that are related to the uploaded data can be linked
    • Offline upload for large datasets
  3. Publication
    • Release only after formal control by the library
    • Long-term archiving of the files on an S3 memory in the UHH computing center
    • Files can be deleted after 10 years, the metadata remain permanently publicly available
    • Differentiated access rights can be implemented
  4. Find and link
    • Persistent identifiers (DOIs) are assigned to the data records. The data records can therefore easily be referenced
    • Profiles for authors with ORCID integration
    • Metadata and full texts are available for searches
    • Metadata available in standard formats for harvesters
    • Automated delivery to OpenAIRE e.g. for EU projects
    • Public metrics for views and downloads

Planned for 2020:

  • Workflow for the transfer of repositories from the TUHH GitLab
  • Certification according to CoreTrustSeal

Publish on TORE?

If you would like to publish research data on TORE, please contact us so that we can jointly implement your requirements.

Beate Rajski
Beate Rajski

Subject librarian research data management
Telefon-Logo 040 42878 3311
E-Mail-Logo forschungsdaten@tuhh.de

Some facts:

  • Online: since February 2019
  • Software: DSpace-CRIS 5.8
  • Operated by: Library TU Hamburg
  • Server location: Computing Center TU Hamburg
  • Longterm preservations of files: UHH Computing Center (S3)

    More about the Open Access Week 2019:

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