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Open Access Week @TUHamburg

International Open Access Week 2014

On the occasion of the International Open Access Week 2014, running from October 20 to 26, 2014, worldwide and promoting Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research, the TUHH library has published each day a new article on Open Access in the German part of its weblog. Topics has been (Links to the German version):

  1. Open Access at TUHH
  2. Finding Open Access journals
  3. The green way
  4. Challenge of Peer Review
  5. DFG-Funding
  6. Finding content published via Open Access
  7. Open Educational Resources

And some more good news:
The DFG has approved the Open Access application done by the TUHH library also for the year 2015! So you can get your articles funded completely also the next year, in case you will publish in an Open Access journal according the DFG regulations and the money from the DFG is not spent.

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