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#OAWeek2019: A Home for TUHH Research Data

FAIR Data Principles

Publish research data after project completion? Nowadays, the question is not so much whether but rather where. Because data also feels most comfortable in the right company. A domain-specific repository with similar data and a subject-specific system that corresponds to the standards of its own specialist community and guarantees permanent, standard-compliant storage, provision and processing: […]

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tub.dok becomes TUHH Open Research

Research at TUHH

“TUHH Open Research” includes the Open Access Repository (previously tub.dok), a repository for research data, and will be expanded over the next two years into a Research Information System (FIS) to reflect the research strength of the TUHH and make it visible to the outside world.

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Join us on Hamburg Open Science #Jobs

Open Science TU-Hamburg

Update 21.11.17: D-17-200 and D-17-194 contracts until 31.12.2020. Applications until 5.12.17 Hamburg wants Open Science! And we want competent people who work with us on this for the TU Hamburg. Initially for 12 months, but hopefully two more years afterwards. Deadline for applications is 29.11.2017 With the Hamburg Open Science (HOS) programme, Hamburg is implementing a

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