Access to Nature journals : reading and publishing

Screenshot: Nature Transformative Agreement for Germany: Information for Authors

Good news: Access to journals in the Nature portfolio has been extended for the TUHH and, from 1 January 2021, TUHH authors will have the opportunity to publish their articles in Nature and a further 32 original Nature research journals in open access. In the context of the DEAL contracts, a new consortium agreement for access and publication has been concluded. For this purpose, a fixed share of the payments from Germany is used to offset the OA costs, which amount to €9,500 + VAT per article. As soon as this amount is used up, the institutions themselves have to provide the funding. It is therefore worthwhile to successfully complete the review process early in the year with the publication! €9,500 is a very high and not uncontroversial price! As long as reputation in science is assessed via publication, prices will continue to rise and be paid. Perhaps you are interested in the actual discussion paper by the »Scientific practice« working group of the Priority Initiative »Digital Information« by the Alliance of Science Organisations with the title “Expanding academic publishing practices alongside the digital turn”.

We entered into the agreement because we receive reading access to the 2021 volume of the 55 titles of the Nature Portfolio, including the 21 Nature Review titles, at very little additional cost. The contract period is 2021-2024, can be cancelled annually. Previously, we only had access to the journal Nature and 3 other subscriptions.

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Unpaywall: The fast way to Open Access Articles

Reference Open ContentInstead of paying a fee for downloading the full text take the reference to a freely accessible version!

There is now support for your access to closed journal articles. On our reading room PCs you will find the browser plugin unpaywall, which is available for the Internet browsers Firefox and Chrome.

When surfing on the websites of scientific journals, provider platforms or databases, a green lock signals the presence of an Open Access publication of the article after a few seconds. A click on the symbol “Green lock” leads you to the free full text.

Unpaywall in action

Test the example in the reading room!

We also recommend that you download the plugin for your own use, as unpaywall unlike other sites only identifies legal Open Access versions of paid content. It is also important to note that this open access version does not visually correspond to the publisher’s version, as layout and logos are usually not allowed to be used. Also, an embargo period must often be observed when publishing the preprint or an accepted manuscript. The older the article, the more likely it is to be found.

If you have any questions, please contact our E-Mail-Logo Open Access Team.

More ACS journals

Two years ago the tub. changed access for journals of the American Chemical Society (ACS) from print to online. This year the tub. offers access to further ACS journals within the TUHH intranet.

A journals package has been licensed, which includes more journals by paying not too much additional costs. Additional journals has been selected from those journals not accessible until now, whose „access denied“ figures has been the highest in 2017.

Journal of the American Chemical Society and other ACS journals

Selected journals of ACS now online

The transition from the printed to the digital version of journals has resulted in an increase of expenses for digital journals in the last years. At the request of its customers the TUHH library has now switched its journal subscriptions at the American Chemical Society (ACS) to the digital version:

The transiiton was not self-financing. The TUHH library now pays more than for the printed versions of the journals.

In addition to the five important new ones, the TUHH library has been offering access to two further ACS eJournals since a few years:

Energy & fuels
Rubber chemistry and technology

New e-books and e-journals in 2015

We are pleased to offer you access to new e-books of the following publishers in 2015:

    • Elsevier
      11,600 e-books (incl. 1,500 titles by Woodhead and Chandos) from all subjects until 2014.

    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Press
      550 e-books with a focus on publications in computer science and engineering from the period 1943-2014.

    • Wiley
      15,000 e-books from all disciplines.

Furthermore, the journal package Elsevier Freedom Collection has been licensed for one year. With this license, you have access to 2,300+ journals via the platform ScienceDirect which are published since 2011.

Via TUBfind you also have access to the e-journals and e-books.

Queries to our e-media offering we will be happy to answer. Please send an e-mail to our e-media team.

Nature journal online in TUHH intranet

Homepage Nature
Since the beginning of the year 2104 the important journal “Nature : the international weekly journal of science” is available in the TUHH intranet also with its actual issues. Until now the TUHH libray has subscribed to the printed version which has been cancelled.

The sister journals “Nature Biotechnology” and “Nature Photonics” can be accessed to get actual full texts also.

EZB with new layout

The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) has got a new layout, 15 years after its formation.

In the EZB you can find all the e-journals, the TUHH subscribed to. Free accessible journals are also included.

All journals accessible at the TUHH – printed or electronical – can be found in our catalog TUBfind:


Please also notice a new webpage on finding journals at our relaunched website.