Knovel – Expert knowledge for engineers

Searching in database Knovel

Until the end of the year access to the database Knovel is possible within TUHH intranet. Purpose-built for engineers, Knovel includes reference handbooks, e-books of different publishers as well as data collections including materials property data. As a speciality, data analysis tools like interactive tables and graphs allow easily exporting the data and integrating them into you own workflow. E-books, included in Knovel but not available through a license of another publisher, are not searchable wihtin our catalog TUBfind.

More on using the database and on the background of Knovel, which is now part of the media company RELX Group (formerly Reed Elsevier):

Some online handbooks

Since last year the TUHH library has offered some actual handbooks as online versions:

Such handbooks are like compendia concise, yet comprehensive compilations of a body of knowledge. As a treatise on a special subject, today they contain a collection of articles covering the topic comprehensively.

In chemistry, multi-volume systematically arranged collections of monographs have been also called handbook, e.g. the “Gmelin’s handbook on inorganic chemistry“, which you can still find in the upper reading room as printed volumes. This reference work is a rich source for inorganic substance property data.