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Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources. Zotero started off as a Firefox add-in. Meanwhile Zotero standalone is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It also adds support for Safari, Chrome and Opera browsers. For TUHH Institutes Zotero Standalone is available via Empirum-Softwareverteilservice.

Word processor integration for citations and bibliograhies is provided for Word, LibreOffice and Google Docs. Im- and export functions are available to allow  exchange with other reference management software like BibTex, Mendeley or Bibsonomy.

In addition to local installation, web access can be used for syncing, collaboration and backup. Sources can be added to Zotero web as well, which also enables mobile use.

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Collect data

  • Grab meta data from catalogs, databases or websites in your browser. Many sites support Zotero.
    Zotero Datenübernahme
  • Import files from databases in export formats like RIS or BibTeX
  • Add items automatically using ISBN number, Digital Object Identifier (DOI), or PubMed ID
  • Save screenshots of websites as a reference
  • Linked PDFs are downloaded automatically if possibly
  • Use Drag & Drop to add linked PDFs or other local files

Organize data

  • Amend bibliographic data with tags and notes
  • File entries into multiple collections or subcollections
  • Join related entries
  • Purge duplicate entries
  • PDFs are indexed (plugin) and integrated into Zotero search
  • Use search filters to create dynamic collections

Citations and Bibliography

  • Use Drag & Drop to add references to any document, e-mail or website
  • Zotero integrates into Word and LibreOffice / OpenOffice to add citations and bibliography. Citation styles can be changed easily for the whole document
  • Download citation styles from Zotero style repository
  • BibTeX Export

Sync and collaborate: zotero.org

  • Library back-up against Zotero Sync Server
  • Files can be synced seperately. Alternative servers can be used: e.g. WebDAV at TUHH
  • Web access and online editing
  • Zotero users can create groups for collaboration. They may be all private, have a public website but closed membership or just be open to anybody.

News from Zotero

  • Move Zotero Citations Between Google Docs, Word, and LibreOffice
    on 23. July 2019

    Last year, we added Google Docs integration to Zotero, bringing to Google Docs the same powerful citation functionality — with support for over 9,000 citation styles — that Zotero offers in Word and LibreOffice. Today we’re adding a feature […]

  • Retracted item notifications with Retraction Watch integration
    on 14. June 2019

    Zotero can now help you avoid relying on retracted publications in your research by automatically checking your database and documents for works that have been retracted. We’re providing this service in partnership with Retraction Watch, which […]