The favourite chair has seat padding

The favourite chair has seat cushions and armrests! Many thanks to all of you who took part in the test sitting and survey in the library foyer!

Your wishes have of course been taken into account: from now on you can use the new furniture in the group rooms 1.006 and 1.009 on the upper floor.
Room 0004 on the ground floor also has colourful chairs with flexible backrests.

group room upstairs


groundfloor room 0004


Your feedback has made it possible to identify clear trends – the favourite chair of most participants has upholstered seats and armrests. In your free text answers we learned that you like to change the sitting position at work and don’t like stiff or fixed backrests at all, but like upholstery.

Also the procurement of individual workplaces is to be initiated this year due to your wishes. These measures will help us to increase the diversity of our diverse workplaces. We hope that this will improve the quality of your stay at the university library.

Test sitting at library foyer starting 16-05-17

If you like to work quietly and concentrated in the library, then you should definitely join our carrel test: After a single workplace, a so-called “workbay” has been tested in a group workroom, we now offer two models for comparison.

Carrel in blue

Take a seat starting from Tuesday 16-05-17.

We plan on using the carrels as a room-in-room installation in a group work room or in the reading rooms. They are intended to promote concentrated individual learning and working.

You are cordially invited to inspect, try, compare and to give feedback …

 Carrel in green


You are welcome to fill out our questionnaire next to the installation (only a few questions!) or just leave a comment here!

Thank you!