2014: DFG support for Open Access Fund

Starting April 2013 the TUHH library has offered a fund to support proportionately the publication of articles in Open Access journals according to the criteria of the DFG. In 2014 additional funds are available from the German Research Foundation (DFG) out of its funding programme “Open Access Publishing”. Because of this, in the year 2014 articles in open access journals can be funded completely. This is valid for Open Access publications with 2014 as publication date.

The funding occurs through the TUB according to the criteria of the DFG on the principle: First come – First serve. In case the DFG resources will have utilized within the scope of this fund, then 25% of the publication costs, but maximum 500,- EUR per article, are taken over by the TUHH library.

More about the Open Access Fund and the DFG criteria!