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Open Access Basics

Two Ways to the Goal

Scientific publications from the TUHH are also to be made freely accessible to the public. To reach this goal you have two options: the Golden Way and the Green Way.

Gold Open Access

The Golden Way represents the initial publication of a scientific contribution in an Open Access publication. At TUHH, these are generally peer-reviewed articles which are made accessible free of charge in open access journals. These Publications are often subject to publication fees, which must be paid by the authors. The library will advise you on questions regarding the selection of magazines and financing. It also operates a publication fund from which the article fees are paid under certain conditions. Only open access journals that are included in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) are supported.

Take the Golden Way

Green Open Access

The Green Way stands for publishing publications in repositories such as TUHH Open Research (TORE). TORE is the open access repository of TUHH. Here, scientific results from the TUHH can be published, but also the author’s version of an already published pay-wall article. Most scientific publishers allow time-delayed publication of post or preprints on a repository. The project SHERPA/RoMEO provides detailed information on the individual publishers.

Take the Green Way

However, especially for newcomers and outsiders, there are always many questions surrounding OA and the numerous fields of development, such as “What is meant by green OA?”, “What are the differences between gold and hybrid journals?” or “Why shouldn’t people publish in closed access?” In order to make Open Access and its advantages more accessible to as many interested parties as possible, the Open Access team has compiled a small glossary. The compilation is based on questions around Open Access terminology, which is a frequent topic in consultation scenarios:

Open Access materials

Posters, flyers, slides and other materials about Open Access and publishing in Open Access are available here for free reuse.

Slides Open Access At TUHH

Poster Open Access Week 2018

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