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#OAWeek2023: Welcome to Open Access Week 2023 at Hamburg University of Technology

Every year, the international Open Access Week takes place at the end of October. Institutions around the world promote open access to scientific results. Open Access Week 2023 is an opportunity to engage together and raise awareness of the importance of collaborative control of knowledge sharing systems.

Community over Commercialization

This year’s theme “Community over Commercialization” invites an open discussion about which approaches to open science best serve the interests of the public and the academic community – and which do not. We would like to have this discussion at TU Hamburg as well.

Our science is based on the exchange of and access to scientific knowledge. But many scientists around the world are excluded from this for financial reasons.
Their institutions cannot afford high subscription prices for journals and they lack the funds for the high fees that many renowned journals charge for publishing articles in open access. At Hamburg University of Technology, too, we repeatedly come up against these limits, though in a very privileged way. Now the currently negotiated contract between DEAL and Elsevier is once again raising the question throughout Germany of what publishing and reading may cost, who has the rights, and who profits?

Science-led publishing has therefore been addressing this challenge for some time: what possibilities can there be to enable access to publishing and reading worldwide without barriers? This year’s Open Access Week is intended to provide an impetus for the discussion within TU Hamburg, to which I cordially invite you.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Irina Smirnova. Vice President for Research TU Hamburg

Our Programme

At TUHH, we are participating in Open Access Week this year with two lectures, a poster exhibition, and information and advice on all aspects of Open Access and scholarly publishing of the future. Also follow our blog #oaweek2023 and get inspired to think and discuss this week: How do you want to publish in the future and what support do you want for it.

Tuesday: Online Lecture with Dr. Richard Gallagher

Open Access Models: The Search for Equitable  Global Solutions

Around financial dimensions for shaping the Open Access transformation, an often-asked question is how publications can best be converted to this new normal.
We are delighted to host Dr. Richard Gallagher, President and Editor-in-Chief of nonprofit publisher Annual Reviews, which developed the Subscribe to Open (S2O) model.
This promising approach converts subscription content to open access and is being adopted by other publishers through the S2O Community of Practice. Gallagher’s background as a scientist and a scholarly communications expert makes him an engaging speaker on this topic.

The event will feature a presentation titled “Open Access Models: The Search for Equitable Global Solutions: A Contribution from Annual Reviews”.

Afterwards, TU professors will relate on their experiences on the editorial boards of renowned journals in this context. After the lecture, You are cordially invited to participate in the discussion.

October 24th 2023 3 pm – 4 pm

Update 24.10.2023: Why we need equitable Open Access and how we might achieve it (presentation slides)

The Hamburg University of Technology invites you to the following exciting online lecture on the topic of Open Access Open Access Models: The Search for Equitable Global Solutions: A Contribution from Annual Reviews Dr. Richard Gallagher President and Editor-in-Chief of Annual Reviews Exploring Open Access Models together: Some of our own professors will relate their experiences on the editorial boards of renowned journals in this context, and together we can discuss the disruptor that most likely will change academic publishing forever. We are looking forward to your participation; please save the date!

Thursday: tub.talk with Ronny Röwert (in German)

Erfolg dank Open Science? Motive und Anreize für eine offene Forschungspraxis

Ronny Röwert ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im Institut für Technische Bildung und Hochschuldidaktik an der TUHH. Sein Arbeitsschwerpunkt sind unter anderem die verschiedenen Motive und Einflussfaktoren für Open-Science-Praktiken, welche er im heutigen Vortrag vorstellen wird.

October 26th 2023 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Update 26.10.2023: ZBW Mediatalk: Open Science Award Winners: Insights and Findings From a Pioneering Practice

Friday: Consultation with the Open Access Team

Since March 2022, the University Library (TUB) has offered an open, virtual consultation hour on the topic of Open Access every Friday. Whether you have questions about the concept of open access itself or about the concrete practical implementation of your own open access publication: The consultation hour is available to all interested parties at the TUHH. In the context of Open Access Week 2023, we want to enter into direct exchange with you again and therefore offer a consultation appointment on site in the library. Feel free to bring your questions – we look forward to advising you on publishing in Open Access.

October 26th 2023 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Ask me about Open Access


In the rotunda of the library there is again a small poster exhibition on Open Access (in German).

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