New to the library? 5. eBooks

Exemple Title list in tub.find with explanation

In addition to the print editions, numerous titles are also or only electronically available. In the catalog these can be recognised by the button “Volltext@TUHH”. The link to this button leads to the download offer of the respective publisher.

The contents can be downloaded as PDF (partly also as EPUB), either article by article or as a whole book, depending on the publisher’s specifications. For licensing reasons, this is only possible from the TUHH Intranet.

Students of the TUHH can use eBooks through the university intranet. At present, this is possible either via a computer on campus or while being in the TUHH’s WIFI.

You can also access our eMedia from home – but you must have a VPN connection for this. Most publishers now also offer authentication via the single sign-on “Shibboleth”. You do not need a VPN connection for that.

Instructions for using the eMedia in the campus network and from home can be found here!

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New to the library? 4. tub.find

Screenshot of tub.find catalog

Our catalog tub.find helps you to find the information you need for your studies. It lists over 350,000 printed books with their location and availability at the tub. – all at one glance! And several hundred thousand e-books and electronic articles are available for immediate use.

That means the list of results already shows you what can be borrowed, requested or reserved. Everything free of charge.

In tub.find itself you can limit your results according to criteria such as ‘author’, ‘year of publication’ or ‘language’.

We offer two Lists (tabs):

  • Books, eBooks with textbooks
  • Journals (printed and electronic)

You can order the media in our closed stack free of charge by clicking the button ‘place request’. If you do this before 2pm, we will put the ordered media on our pick-up shelf until 3pm on the same day.

To assist you in your search, we have created a page with search tips. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us – we’ll be happy to help you by e-mail, chat or telephone!

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New to the library? 3. Textbook Collection

Introductury literature to start studying or even for the first exams, can be found in the textbook collection in the left area of the reading room on the ground floor. The books are in alphabetical order of the subject groups.The first shelf block begins with Agricultural Sciences (AG), in the middle block can be found Mathematics (MA) and Mechanical Engineering (MS), on the window side rear follow for example Process Technology (VT) and Materials Sciences (WK).

Textbook collection

There are often a large number of circulating library copies of a title in the textbook collection. That way we can provide as many students as possible with copies.

If you cannot find any more loan copies, there are other possibilities: search the catalog under the author and title for an electronic edition. In any case, there is at least one “reference copy” for each textbook title. This may not be borrowed, so that it can always be used in the reading room during opening hours. To work with the book, please reserve a place in the reading room!

And it is always possible to send us a book request for purchase by the library!

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New to the library? 2. Loans

Due to current hygiene regulations, only a certain number of users can be admitted to the library at the same time. For users who do not have a table reservation, the maximum length of stay is 20 minutes. More information can be found in our Covid-19 FAQs.


You can borrow books from the white self-check-out stations. Only a few books, so-called reference copies, as well as journals are not available for loan. Check out and returns of media are possible throughout the opening hours weekdays and weekends.

You will find the stations in the entrance area. This is how borrowing works:

  1. Simply place books on the machine (also in stacks)
  2. Tap on “Lending”
  3. Read or type in the barcode of the library card
  4. Enter the password using the screen or keyboard
  5. After the booking you close your account by clicking on “Done”.
Selfcheck station


Books from our library can be returned to our self-check-out stations. No library card is required.

Books can also be returned to the Hamburg State and University Library. Conversely, books borrowed from the State and University Library Hamburg can be returned with our staff – in the evening please use our white return box at the entrance.

Returning books by mail is at your own risk.

Extending loan periods

If the book is not reserved, you can extend the loan period up to eight times in your library account. Please note the end of the loan period! Once the loan period has expired, the borrowed book cannot be renewed and fees will be charged. We therefore recommend that you renew one or two days before the loan period ends if you wish to keep your book a little longer.

Ordered books

Pick-up Shelf

You have probably already noticed it – our pick-up shelf next to the ServicePoint.

Titles that you request from the closed stacks via our catalog can be found on the pick-up shelf. When you order a book, you will receive an e-mail when it is ready for you on the shelf. The item will then be available for you there for seven working days. Reserved titles can also be picked up there within seven days. On the pick-up shelf, you will find all the media you have ordered under the first letter of your last name and the last 4 digits of your library card. If you want to take the book with you, please borrow it from the self-checkout station.

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New to the library? 1. Library Card

If you want to use the University Library, either to borrow media or as a workspace, you need a library card. You can then use the books on campus or at home.

This card is free of charge for students of the TUHH. However, you must first apply for it on our website before you can come to the library in person to pick it up. The registration is best done from home.

The back of the library card shows the bardcode and the card-number.

You can pick up your library card after registering at the ServicePoint in the university library on Mon-Thu 9am-7pm, Fridays until 6 pm. Please bring the following with you:

  • identity card or passport including confirmation of registration
  • Student ID (or certificate of enrolment or confirmation of enrolment or HVV semester ticket)

A valid email address is very important for your notifications – for example for the reminder emails at the end of the loan period!

With your library card you can log on to our website and view your account. There you will get an overview of your current loans and reservations. You can also extend the loan periods up to eight times if you still need the books.

Currently, the library card also serves to register your stay in the library. Students at the TUHH can reserve a desk for certain times. Without a reservation, a visit to the library is limited to 20 minutes.

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