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This Website with WordPress Since March 2011 Digital Services
Next-Generation-Catalog based on VuFind.
February 2010 – Team member: Oliver Goldschmidt, Heiko Weier
is a project funded by the DFG, in which the repository software OPUS is developed. The electronic document repository of the TUB HH, TUBdok, is based on OPUS. Seven libraries are taking part in this project, the library service center of Baden-Würtemberg is coordinating it.
From July 2008 to July 2009 Participants of the TUHH library: Oliver Goldschmidt
StudIPort 2.0
Aim of the project is the extension of the learning management system Stud.IP with personal learning environments in form of e-portfolios. Project participants are the TUHH Institutes of Telematics (Prof. Dr. Volker Turau) and of Technology, Work Processes and Vocational Education (Prof. Dr. Sönke Knutzen) as well as the computer center and the TUHH library.
From April 2008 until March 2010 Participants of the TUHH library: Detlev Bieler, Thomas Hapke
a catalog 2.0 project of Hamburg’s libraries
November 2007 until October 2009 Participants of the TUHH library: Thomas Hapke, Heiko Weier
MyBibRSS Since June 2007 Oliver Goldschmidt
VISION (Virtual Services for Information ONline) From October 2005 until February 2007
(in production)
Detlev Bieler, Thomas Hapke
PDF Customer Survey (Textfile in German) Summer 2005 Detlev Bieler,
Thomas Hapke
BibTutor From November 2004 until April 2007 (BMBF) Thomas Hapke
Fit für die Informationsbeschaffung in Niedersachsen
Participation at this project in Lower Saxony to make known the service of the TUHH library for schools.
From March 2004 Thomas Hapke

– system for handling mails to service mail addresses (bibliothek@, bibdoc@…).

Since March 2004
(in produktion)
Oliver Goldschmidt

Edlef Stabenau

DISCUSMediating information literacy From March 2003 until February 2005 Detlev Bieler, Thomas Hapke
Electronic Document Repository TUBdok in production since June 2002, extensions since 2005 Oliver Goldschmidt
Digital Services
Old website with content management system AWF 2002 – 2012
(in production)
Digital Services
Online-reference with chat in real-time (Background and infos (In German)) in production Edlef Stabenau
| PDF Customer Survey (Textfile in German) January – March 2002 Thomas Hapke