Standards and technical rules aim to standardize tangible and intangible objects (terms, products, processes, etc.) in the fields of science, technology, business and administration. They are an important source of information on the state of the art.

DIN Standards

The Technical University Library Hamburg is the official point for DIN Standards and VDI guidelines. All valid DIN Standards as well as draft standards (also DIN ISO, DIN EN etc.) and VDI guidelines can be viewed online.

  • Documents that have a VDE classification are accessible via the VDE Standards Library.
  • The database Nautos can be used to search for German and international standards. Access is possible within the campus network of the TU Hamburg or via VPN.

DIN Standards are for reference use only. Copying is allowed for DIN members only, which includes all affiliates of TUHH. Any other requests for copying should be directed to the Beuth-Verlag.

Exception: UrhG §45 Rechtspflege und öffentliche Sicherheit

Things to know about Nautos

  • If you click on the blue puzzle piece icon on the far right, you will be taken to the XML version of the full text. Here you will find the link to the pdf download in the upper right corner.
  • A click on the standard number shows all relevant information, including predecessor and successor documents.
  • Please use the website’s internal navigation, not the browser’s back button.
  • Via the question mark in the upper right corner you can find a video to get started with the standard search and via the FAQs you can find instructions for the more sophisticated use. The creation of favorite bars, templates etc. are deactivated in the campus version until further notice.

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