Standards and technical rules aim at harmonize material and immaterial objects like concepts, products, processes etc. in science, technology, business and administration. They are an important source for the state of the art in engineering and technology.


The Technical University Library Hamburg is the official point for DIN standards. All valid DIN standards as well as draft standards (also DIN ISO, DIN EN etc.) and VDI guidelines can be viewed online.

VDE Standards online

Standards in which VDE is involved
-> Normenbibliothek (VDE)

DIN Standards online

DIN Standards and VDI Guidelines
-> DIN-Normen Online (Perinorm)




Further standards and techncial rules (e.g. VDI/VDE)

Standards not available in the TUHH library


DIN standards are for reference use only. Copying is allowed for DIN members only, which includes all affiliates of TUHH. Any other requests for copying should be directed to the Beuth-Verlag.

Exception: UrhG §45 Rechtspflege und öffentliche Sicherheit