Now available online: Schneider Bautabellen and Handbook of porous materials

The tub. has just acquired two new eBooks to make it easier for you to access these frequently used books:

Book covers of the two new ebooks:
Schneider Bautabellen and Handbook of porous materials

The Schneider Bautabellen have been used by engineers for over 45 years now, they are a standard work. Although we have numerous printed copies in the textbook collection, the title is now also available digitally. This means that you can use the current edition of the construction tables wherever you are, e.g. search online or print out selected documents.

The second title is the Handbook of porous materials and consists of these four volumes:

Volume 1: Introduction, Synthesis and Manufacturing of Porous Materials

Volume 2: Characterisation and Simulation of Porous Materials

Volume 3: Separations Using Porous Materials

Volume 4: Porous Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage

“This four-volume handbook provides an up-to-date overview of porous materials, from synthesis and characterisation to simulation, fabrication and industrial applications.” (From the publisher’s description)

The authors present the history of porous carbons, ceramics, zeolites and polymers from different perspectives: Surface and colloid sciences, materials sciences, chemical engineering and energy technology.