Citavi LogoTUHH is offering free use of Citavi for all members. Citavi is a powerful, windows based, stand-alone reference tool. It is easy to use, focusses on knowledge organization, and can be used by students as well as by researchers.

Included features:

  • Search resources worldwide
  • Manage references
  • Analyze and highlight texts
  • Save ideas and structure your work
  • Plan tasks – on your own or in a team
  • Write the perfect paper, report, article, or book

For questions or training:

Download and Installation

Duration: The current campus license is valid until 31.03.2019 and will be extended thereafter until 31.03.2022.

  1. Citavi DownloadDownload and install Citavi Free
  2. Register for a Citavi account to get your licence key.
  3. Upgrade your free version to a licensed Citavi team version
  4. Import settings for TUHH
    • Save CITAVI-Einstellungsdatei-TUHH.csd (Stand 29.03.18) on your computer
    • Citavi -> Tools -> Import or Export Settings.
    • Choose Import
    • Browse to the location of your download and then proceed with Next.
    • Choose the settings you want to import
    • Finish

Notes about the account:

Registration is only possible for members of the TU Hamburg. This is proven by the affiliation when logging in..

Installations at TU Hamburg:

  • Citavi 6.1 is also available at Windows-Pools:
    → My Configs → Add Citavi 6.1.0 → Ok