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TUHH is offering free use of Citavi for all members. Citavi is a powerful windows based, stand-alone reference tool. It is easy to use, focusses on knowledge organization, an can be used by students as well as by researcher.

Included features:

  • Capture quotes, thoughts, comments. Organize knowledge
  • Automatically capture books by ISBN, capture e-books and articles by DOI
  • Search resources worldwide in more than 4.500 data bases
  • Manage references
  • Analyze and highlight texts
  • Save ideas and structure your work
  • transfer information from the Internet into your Citavi projects with the help of the add-on program Citavi Picker
  • Plan tasks – on your own or in a team
  • Write the perfect paper, report, article, or book

For Questions and Training

Questions? We will be happy to advise you on reference management

The Literature Management team welcomes your questions by email to You are also welcome to use our open online consultation hours via Zoom (identification code: 503035; meeting ID: 832 9724 8626) for questions regarding literature management (Fridays from 09:00 to 09:30).

Alexander Unteutsch
Telephone: +49 40 42878 2855

Download and Installation

Citavi license

The current campus license is version 6.17. Citavi is licensed by TUHH until March 2025.

Please note: A further licensing of Citavi cannot (yet) be guaranteed at this point in time, since the sale of the software has already led to a loss of quality in the support and we are monitoring the further development in this regard.

Other universities have already discontinued the licensing of Citavi or are planning to do so, e.g. the universities of Bamberg and Mannheim or the university of Konstanz.

Note on cloud usage of Citavi

If you use Citavi in the cloud, remember to regularly save your projects to a local computer for security.

No licensing of Citavi Web

The web version of Citavi was not licensed at TUHH. On the one hand, this has cost reasons. On the other hand, it has become apparent that Citavi Web has not yet been implemented satisfactorily from a technical point of view. Furthermore, some features of the desktop version are missing in Citavi Web. A user survey on the topic of literature management at the TUHH also showed that the experiences with Citavi Web are only “ok” and that licensing cannot be recommended without restrictions.

Citavi installation

  1. Citavi DownloadDownload and install Citavi
  2. Register for a Citavi account to get your licence key.
  3. Upgrade your free version to a licensed Citavi team version
  4. Import settings for TUHH
    • Save CITAVI-Einstellungsdatei-TUHH.csd on your computer
    • Citavi -> Tools -> Import or Export Settings.
    • Choose Import
    • Browse to the location of your download and then proceed with Next.
    • Choose the settings you want to import
    • Finish

Notes about the account:

Registration is only possible for members of the TU Hamburg. This is proven by the affiliation when logging in..

Installations at TU Hamburg:

  • Citavi 6.8 is also available at Windows-Pools:
    → My Configs → Add Citavi 6.8.0 → Ok
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