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TUHH is offering free use of Citavi for all members. Citavi is a powerful windows based, stand-alone reference tool. It is easy to use, focusses on knowledge organization, an can be used by students as well as by researcher.

Included features:

  • Search resources worldwide
  • Manage references
  • Analyze and highlight texts
  • Save ideas and structure your work
  • Plan tasks – on your own or in a team
  • Write the perfect paper, report, article, or book

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Detlev Bieler

Detlev Bieler
Phone-Icon 040 42878 3288

Florian Hagen

Florian Hagen
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Download and Installation

Current notice: Citavi license has been extended!

The current campus license has just been extended again for three years. So you can continue to work with Citavi with peace of mind.

Note: Recently, problems with the cloud use of Citavi have occurred from time to time. According to Citavi, these problems have been solved in the meantime, but we still recommend you to be careful. Therefore, save your projects regularly on a local computer for security.

Also, the Citavi forum is currently not maintained by Citavi itself, the answers there are given by Citavi users themselves. While these are often very helpful, we hope that the company will take care of the forum properly again in the near future.

New version (June 3, 2022): Citavi has just released the new version 6.12. This is currently still being tested by us. So if you have a working version installed so far, wait with the update to the new version. We will give “green light” at this point if it works properly.

  1. Citavi DownloadDownload and install Citavi
  2. Register for a Citavi account to get your licence key.
  3. Upgrade your free version to a licensed Citavi team version
  4. Import settings for TUHH
    • Save CITAVI-Einstellungsdatei-TUHH.csd (Stand 29.03.18) on your computer
    • Citavi -> Tools -> Import or Export Settings.
    • Choose Import
    • Browse to the location of your download and then proceed with Next.
    • Choose the settings you want to import
    • Finish

Notes about the account:

Registration is only possible for members of the TU Hamburg. This is proven by the affiliation when logging in..

Installations at TU Hamburg:

  • Citavi 6.1 is also available at Windows-Pools:
    → My Configs → Add Citavi 6.1.0 → Ok