TUHH Intranet

Access to online databases and journals, we have subscribed to, is usually available within the intranet of TUHH only. Most publishers restrict access by verifying the internet protocol address (IP) of the connecting host.

  • Access for TUHH intranet:
    IPs starting with 134.28.*
  • Sie sind nicht innerhalb des TUHH Netzes

You are accessing the TUHH intranet by using

  • a computer within the university library
  • any other computer on the campus
  • WiFi of TUHH

Use e-media at home

Electronic resources which are licensed for TU Hamburg may be used off-campus by students an employees of TUHH.
To access there are three alternatives:

  1. VPN access
    VPN service for full access to the campus network of TUHH
  2. Shibboleth
    Many providers of e-media support Single-Sign-On via Shibboleth. Names of the service may differ though. On many web pages the Shibboleth login is called “Institutional Login”. The login takes you back to TUHH. If registration is successful the publishers will be informed whether access is allowed or not.
    → List of databases already configured for Shibboleth
  3. Create an account
    Some providers link an account on their platform to the option of accessing the content from outside TUHH for a limited period of time.


VPN and Shibboleth are services provided by the computing center of TUHH. Both require a valid account at the computing center.

  • For questions regarding VPN installation and accounts please contact the user service desk.
  • For questions regarding e-media, databases or missing Shibboleth access please contact the library.