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How does the Shibboleth procedere work in general?

The Shibboleth method can be used for various web services for authentication and authorization purposes. Most providers of electronic media also use Shibboleth new to enable authorized users to access full texts remotely. The TUHH takes advantage of this fact and acts as an identity provider for the members of the university towards the respective provider (also called service provider).

What data is transferred to the content provider?

Registration via TUHH computer centre guarantees that the access data will not be transferred to the provider. The provider only receives the information that the person belongs to TUHH and is therefore authorized to access content acquired by TUHH. Compared to remote access via VPN client, this procedure has the advantage that you do not need to install any software and can therefore use any Internet-enabled device to log in via Shibboleth.
When you first visit a provider site that supports Shibboleth, you must agree to the terms of use once. Otherwise, you only have to enter your personal university ID after starting a new browser session and first accessing a service that supports Shibboleth.

How do I find the Shibboleth service on the content providers’ web portals?

If you are visiting the site of a specialist data provider such as e. g. IEEE, look out for the login. Here you have the possibility to register with a personal ID, but mostly institutional access is also offered (called Institutional Login or Login via Shibboleth). Select this access method. In most cases, the region of the home institution must be selected in a first step, after which the TUHH institution can be selected from a list or searched for by free text input.

Which content providers already support the Shibboleth service?

On this overview page you can see which academic data providers already support Shibboleth authentication. The details page of the respective provider allows you to go directly to the provider’s Shibboleth login page under the point “Weitere lizenzierte Zugänge”:


If you search for an electronically available text via our catalogue tub.find and click on the SFX full text button, you will receive the SFX menu if you are not in the TUHH Campusnet and the text is not freely available. For certain providers, the full text option specifies that authentication via Shibboleth is possible here. If you follow the full text link, you will be taken directly to the full text you are looking for (if necessary after registering with the TUHH Shibboleth Service).

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