Licenses for TUHH Open Research (TORE)

Publication Licenses

With the publication on TORE you confirm a publishing license. It regulates the rights and obligations for you and us in seven short points.

Licenses for re-use

Open content requires licenses that describe the subsequent use in a binding manner:

  • How may others use my work?
    How can I use other people’s works?

A good overview of the different licenses:

Creative Commons Licenses

For first releases on TORE you can use Creative Commons licenses. You can define the conditions for the subsequent use of your work here according to the modular principle.

CC BY (Attribution) is actually ideal for science. Apart from exceptional cases, you will not receive any money even with conventional publications, but usually you are interested in the widest possible dissemination of your research results and in them being associated with your name. CC BY ensures both. On the one hand, publications may be distributed and texts and images from them used in lectures, courses, popular science media etc. without further permission, and on the other hand you and your co-authors must be named in the form you require.

Poster on Creative Commons licenses
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