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Standard license for publishing on TUHH Open Research (TORE)

1. Preamble

I hereby permit the University Library (TUB) of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) (address: Denickestraße 22, 21073 Hamburg) to store the submitted document and make it publicly available on data networks, TORE in particular. TORE is the Open Access Repository of the TUHH for publishing freely available publications, which are either produced at the TUHH or connected to the TUHH.

2. Assignment of rights

The TUB shall enjoy the right to reproduce and distribute the publication in accordance with sections 16 and 17 of the German Act on Copyright and Related Rights (UrhG). This assignment of rights is not exclusive. This does not affect the author’s right to use the publication in another material form. I affirm that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, any publication of the content and associated accompanying material does not infringe the rights of third parties.

If the publication has been uploaded on behalf of the creator, I confirm, that I am allowed to do that.
I am aware, that I am liable myself for any unauthorized upload. Therefore I do explicitly exempt the TUHH resp. the TUB from liability and indemnify them against third-party claims in this context.

3. Storing and archiving

By uploading the document, I give permission for it to be stored in a database and made available by the TUB. This permission is irrevocable. The content of the document will not be altered by the TUB or third parties. I expressly permit technical changes, particularly for the purposes of long-term archiving. I give permission for

  • copies to be made for the purposes of long-term archiving;
  • data to be transferred to the German National Library or other archiving institutions.

The metadata will be freely accessible online via various catalogues and search engines.

4. Secondary publication

If this publication constitutes a secondary publication (where the document has already been published elsewhere), I expressly affirm that publication on TORE is permitted despite the first publication. With this publication, the rights of the first publisher or another third party are not infringed.

5. Disclosure requirement

Should I become aware of an infringement of rights, I commit to informing the TUB of this without delay.

6. Transfer of rights

In the event that there is a transfer (of the service) to another institution, I agree that the granted rights can be continued and used by the new institution. In this way, open access to the documents is guaranteed. Special permission is not required in this case.

I have read the above license and conditions of use and understand their content. I agree to be bound by these regulations.

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