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License for the Publication of Research Data on “TUHH Open Research” of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)

The University Library operates the “TUHH Open Research” platform for the TUHH.

I agree with the following regulations for the publication of research data on “TUHH Open Research”:

Assignment of rights

  1. I hereby grant the University Library the simple, unlimited right to electronically store the uploaded data (research data with the associated metadata).

Storing and archiving

  1. For the purpose of long-term archiving, the University Library is entitled to convert my data into another data format. The University Library reserves the right to store the data on a different server.

License terms

  1. Metadata (descriptive data) are publicly available on the Internet. They are published including abstract under the license Creative Commons Zero (CC0, cf. https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/, i.e. these data can be passed on and used without restrictions.
  2. If necessary, research data (files) can be provided with access protection or an embargo period. In these cases, further distribution without my consent is excluded. Ideally, research data should be under an open license in order to enable reusability.
    Research data can be deleted after expiration of retention periods if required. In accordance with good scientific practice, a storage period of ten years is guaranteed. The metadata remain permanently available via their persistent identifier even after a possible deletion of the research data.

Transfer of rights

  1. In the event that there is a transfer (of the service) to another institution, I agree that the granted rights can be continued and used by the new institution. Special permission is not required in this case.

The following provisions on copyright and personal rights apply:

Third party rights and release from liability

  1. I assure that the publication of this data does not violate any rights, in particular copyrights and personal rights of third parties. Should I later become aware of the existence or emergence of legal obstacles, I will inform the University Library immediately. I indemnify the TUHH against any claims by third parties.

Multiple authors

  1. If several authors are involved in the publication of research data, I am entitled to publish it. If research data is uploaded on behalf of the author, I hereby confirm that I am entitled to do so.
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