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Improvements to our search system tub.find

Today we will change our search system tub.find. Until now, articles in tub.find came from the commercial PrimoCentral index (a directory of e-books and electronic articles) and were displayed in a separate tab. This index was at a cost to us and we are saving it starting next year.

Despite the saving of the additional index, you will still be able to search articles in tub.find. These will then come from the K10Plus Central Index, which is operated by the Verbundzentrale of the GBV (Common Library Network, of which we are a member). We have always used the K10Plus Central Index for our other holdings besides articles.

As the holdings now all come from one index, we no longer need the additional tab either. Therefore, the search in tub.find will now only include one results tab.

Searching in tub.find until now
Search in tub.find next generation


You can still filter your search result using the facets provided to refine your search results. For example, you can display only articles or, on the contrary, exclude them completely from the search result. New facets (“Only articles” or “No articles”) are available for this purpose. Furthermore, you can also use the previous faceting options and, for example, use the facet “TUHH stock” to filter for media available at our site (default setting). If you remove this filter, you can also find holdings from other GBV libraries and initiate an interlibrary loan if necessary.

The other faceting options will be presented in more detail in a separate blog post in January 2022.

Facets in tub.find

Further improvements

Example for a match in the tub.find result list

We have also made minor improvements to the display of hits. With the “Add to Book Bag” and “Save to list” buttons, you can save individual search hits to a watch list (book bag) or your personal favorites list, respectively. You can create a watch list without logging in. However, this list disappears when you close the browser. To use the favorites function, you need a library card from us and you must log in. Favorites are permanently saved in your account in tub.find.

Other than that, not much has changed. Our full-text buttons, which lead directly to downloads, are still available. This also applies to articles. Likewise, the location buttons for physical media directly in the search results list remain (such as the “LBS PHB-315” button at the top of the screenshot). By the way, you can also click on these location buttons to see more precisely where the book you found is actually located in our library.

We continue to work on improvements to the system and are always happy to receive feedback from you!

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