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TUBfind Relaunch

The last months we worked hard to present a new version of TUBfind today. Most changes happened in the background: we upgraded the software beneath. But luckily there was also some time for improvements to design and functions, we hope you enjoy.

TUBfind LogoTry the new, improved TUBfind. We are looking forward to your comments and feedback!

Search for Books

One of the features we improved, are the context-sensitve buttons in the search result list.

TUBfind Result List

Online Access is indicated by the well-known Volltext@TUHH Button. Our printed books are either stored in our closed stack or in the reading rooms. The call number will signal you where to pick up a book from the shelves in the reading room. Otherwise you can place a request.

Search for Articles

TUBfind Tabs

In the articles tab you may browse through thousands of journal arcticles as well as other electronic documents. Access will usually be indicated by Volltext@TUHH. Of course print editions will be indicated as well. We still own print journals!

TUB Search Result List Articles

Search beyond

The book search is limited to TUHH stocks by default. You can broaden your search by unchecking “TUHH-stocks only”. This will include all holdings of the GBV (Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund) in your search. You can order books we do not own from another library via interlibrary loan. Also acquisition proposals to the library are welcome.

TUBfind search in other libraries

In the article tab you can check “Show more” to find further articles and electronic materials.

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