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New: Bookscanner on the ground floor

book2net Spirit - ProduktbildFor quite some time already we are offering you a bookscanner on the 1st floor. Since the offer is well accepted and used, we decided to enhance our service with a second bookscanner. You can find it at “PC-Pool 5” on the ground floor.

The new book2net scanner is the same modell as the one on the 1st floor with just a slightly modified design. Essentially nothing changes in the usage. Just a document to scan and an usb stick is required (did you know: you can borrow usb sticks for 7 days at the loan desk). Scans are started using the touchscreen or the buttons on the device itself and can subsequently be saved on the stick. Our experience is that the scanner works without nearly ever running into trouble. Anyway, for large scans we suggest saving on regular intervalls, e.g. by chapters.

The following product video illustrates the handling of the bookscanner well:

Should you run into problems anyway, please refer to the information desk.

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