Copy, Scan & Save


A Copy card copier ais available for TUHH staff in reading room 1. Copy cards are issued and charged by the respective employing institutions. For other users coin-operated photocopier are available. The copiers are operated by TUHH Campus Shop. The cost is 5 cents per page. The copier do not issue change.


There are no public printers available in the library. Students can use the windows-Pool to start print jobs. Please note that electronic ressources are available on the entire TUHH campus.


Opposite the entrance to the reading room 2 you will find a professional book scanner. In reading room 1 you will find a second one near PC-Pool 5and a third next to the card copier. Scans are free and can be saved to USB sticks. Within the windows pool two flatbed scanners are available for TUHH students.

Send Files

We recommend USB sticks for saving. Of course you can use your favorite webmail service to email files. Members of TUHH and HCU can use the File Upload Service of the TUHH Rechenzentrum.

USB Sticks

In case you need an USB stick to take files home, please ask the ServicePoint. USB sticks can be checked out for 7 days.

… if you need help

Please contact the ServicePoint if you have additional questions.