Acquisition Proposal
If you miss important books in our shelfs, or if you want to give us a link to a new source in the internet, don’t hesitate to contact us or use the link to our Aquisition Proposal.
Please check your proposal with our catalog first.

Authorization for Picking up Media
If you want someone else to pick up books for you from the library, please provide this person with your written authorization and your library card.

Certificate of Employment (Hamburg Universities)
Certificate of Employment for employees at Hamburg Unversities.
Please print and hand Beschäftigungsnachweis this form to the library staff at our information desk.

Certificate of Employment (TUHH)
Certificate of Employment for employees at TUHH.
Please print and hand this form to the library staff at our loan desk.

Literature acquisition from third-party funds for TUHH institutes
Ordering literature paid through third-party funds of TUHH institutes is possible through the TUHH library.
The German-only leaflet which is also available as word document is to be send to your third-party fund administration which will forward it to the TUHH library.

Loss/Damage of Media
Should you ever loose a book from the holdings of our Library, it is absolutely necessary to deliver a notice of media loss to the Library.

Parental approval
Underage library clients (except enrolled students of TUHH) are requested to provide their