Open Access Publishing Fund

Starting in April 2013 the TUHH library has offered a fund to support the publication of articles in Open Access journals according to the criteria of the DFG. Since 2014 until 2019 additional funds are available from the German Research Foundation (DFG) out of its funding programme “Open Access Publishing”. If the DFG’s criteria are met, the TUHH library will continue to bear all the costs for the published articles in so-called GOLD Open Access journals. This regulation has been extended until 30.06.2020.

Please note: DFG funds have been spent! You can still apply for funding by filling out the form below: Publication Fund TUHH

The funding occurs through the TUB according to the criteria of the DFG on the principle: First come – First serve. Please also use the opportunity to list publication costs in your project application and to apply for them! The DFG currently provides project funding of up to €750 per year. Publication costs for industrial projects should also be taken into account.

The fund is fully booked at the moment. We are currently working on a model to continue the funding.

Status 04.05.2021

Criteria for funding


Target group of the central funding

  • Primarily publications of young scientists at the TUHH, who receive funding as submitting/corresponding authors max. 2 articles per year.


Financing through project funds of the institutes

  • Acquired publication funds, e.g. DFG funds, are to be included proportionally in the funding.

Funding Criteria

Your article should also meet the following needs:

  • The article is published in a genuine open-access journal which uses an approved quality control. References can be found at the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  • Open Access articles which are published in subscription-based journals after the type of “Open Choice” (e.g. Springer Open Choice) cannot be supported.
  • As a member of the Hamburg University of Technology you are responsible for the payment of the publication fees as “submitting author” or “corresponding author”. In this context, please use the TUHH-Affiliation: Hamburg University of Technology, TUHH Institute adress und TUHH email-adress.
  • The publication fees must not exceed a maximum of 2.000 Euros incl. tax per article.
  • Each article must contain a reference to the support, e.g. in its “Acknowledgements”: We acknowledge support for the Open Access fees by Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) in the funding programme Open Access Publishing.

How can I apply for funding by the Open-Access Publishing Fund?

Please make the application before entering into a contract with the journal:

After successful review by the TUHH library you receive a commitment for the costs, which have to be paid in the case of acceptance of your article by the journal. We also check whether the selected journal fits the quality criteria. In this case, the invoice will be paid by the library. The invoices must always be issued to the TUHH and contain the VAT number of the TUHH.

Open Access Repository of TUHH

We would like that the supported articles would also be uploaded to the TUHH Open Research (TORE) – in case it is legally allowed in the contract with the particular publisher.

Funded Articles

In the following you will find all publications funded by the publication fund of the TU Hamburg. Payments from the Publication Fund are published as Open Data within the framework of the OpenAPC initiative.