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Here you will find an – continuously updated – overview of Open Access offers. These are currently divided into three categories:

Open Access versions of Paywall articles:

Google Scholar Logo Google Scholar:
The scientific search engine indexes freely available full texts from various disciplines. After the search query, the available formats (DOC, PDF, HTML) are listed on the right side of the results display.
Unpaywall Logo Unpaywall:
Unpaywall is a browser plugin (available for Chrome and Firefox) that redirects you to freely available versions of the document you just called up, which is not accessible in full text (click on the green tab to legally bypass existing paywalls).
Open Access Button Logo Open Access Button:
The Open Access Button works similarly to Unpaywall and also redirects to freely available versions of scientific content. The search can be initiated via a search slot with the help of DOI, URL, title and other information. The Open Access button can also be used via the browser’s bookmark list. If, for example, you are on the website of a document and click the button, an open access variant of the article is searched in the background.
Core Discovery Logo CORE Discovery:
CORE Discovery offers another way to find free versions of Paywall content. The browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Pure open access publications:

DOAJ Logo DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals):
Quality-tested open access journals and their articles can be researched via the DOAJ – a community-curated online directory.
DOAB Logo DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books):
For e-books there is also DOAB, an interdisciplinary directory of scientific e-books that have been published with an Open Access license.
The OAPEN library offers – mainly in the field of humanities and social sciences – freely accessible scientific publications

Preprint-Server / open repositories

Publishers allow authors – depending on the contractual situation – to provide accepted manuscripts via institutional repositories after embargo periods of 12 to 24 months (depending on the journal). A selection of repositories and preprint servers that offer open access publications:

PubMed Logo PubMed:
PubMed is a medical database for biomedicine and biotechnology It is operated by the National Library of Medicine (USA).
ArXiv Logo arXiv (“archive”):
arXiv is a preprint document server operated by Cornell University for the areas of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science as well as economics.
Preprints Logo Preprints (The Multidisciplinary Preprint Platform):
Preprints is a multidisciplinary preprint server provided by MDPI.
Europe PMC Logo Europe PMC (Europe Pubmed Central):
Europe PMC is an open access repository that provides biomedical publications.
Scilit Logo Scilit (“Scientific Literature”):
Scilit is a multidisciplinary database maintained by MDPI. The data are extracted from Crossref and Pubmed.
Share Logo SHARE (Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe):
SHARE is offered by the Open Science Framework.
biorxiv Logo bioRxiv (“bio-archive”):
bioRxiv (The Preprint Server for Biology) is a preprint server for biology.
chemrxiv Logo ChemRxiv (“chem-archive”):
ChemRxiv is a preprint server for chemistry.
Cogprints Logo CogPrints (Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive):
CogPrints is an open access server for self-archiving by authors (mostly cognitive sciences).
engrXiv Logo engrXiv Preprints (“engineering archive”):
engrXiv Preprints is a preprint server for engineering.
PsyArXiv Logo PsyArXiv (“psychology archive”):
PsyArXiv is a preprint repository for science in the field of psychology.
SSRN Logo SSRN (Social Science Research Network):
SSRN is a preprint server for humanities, human, social and economic sciences.

If you have further questions about the availability of open access documents, please send us an email to openaccess@tuhh.de. Additional information about Open Access is also available here.

We also look forward to suggestions and additions!

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