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For Schools

TUHH macht Schule

As part of the TUHH’s school network, the University Library offers interested teachers and pupils its collections and services as well as guided tours and advice on obtaining information.

Library Services

Pupils aged 14 and over can register free of charge in the library. Please bring your valid identity card or passport with confirmation of enrolment and your current student ID card. Minors require the permission of a parent to register.

Books for children and teenagers

A selection of scientific and technical books for children and young people is available near the information desk. A list of other titles that may be of interest to students and adults can be found in our catalogue.

Guided tours for pupils

Please make an appointment in time!

  • Introductory guided tour
    For grades 10 – 13 (also younger): a 30-minute guided tour through the reading rooms and the otherwise inaccessible magazine with information on registration, borrowing and research.
  • Catalogue presentation and guided tour
    We present our catalogue tub. find. It records more than 470,000 media, their location and availability in the library – all at a glance! A subsequent guided tour of the reading rooms and the otherwise inaccessible magazine serve for orientation in the tub. The event lasts approx. 45 minutes and is suitable for pupils of the grades 10-13 of general and vocational schools.

If you would like to discuss specific, subject-oriented questions with your pupils in the library or to conduct research, please discuss these questions with us before the agreed date – so that we can better prepare ourselves and provide you with better support.

KinderForscher – An Adventure Journey through the World of Books

Kinderforscher in der BibliothekAs part of the project “Kinderforscher an der TUHH”, the library offers library tours from the 3rd grade onwards. These are prepared in the school during the course of the project and are tailored to the topics of the TUHH Institute visits integrated into the project. These events are specially tailored to suit the age groups (3rd – 9th grade). After a short introduction, the pupils are taken care of in small groups and guided through the reading rooms. For this purpose, the children are given small tasks which they actively introduce them to the research strategies. In a playful way, the “Way of the Book” is (almost) independently worked out from the search on the computer to the lending out and thus the whole process is more transparent.
This introduction to the library takes about 1,5 hours and includes a walk behind the scenes (e. g. closed stack) of the library and a learning quiz.

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