The MyBibRSS service has been discontinued.

With MyBibRSS, individual RSS feeds for new acquisitions could be created and subscribed to via the then current OPC4 catalogue from 2007 onwards. Meanwhile there are (for example via our catalog tub.find) more modern possibilities to inform oneself automatically about new publications.

How we advertised MyBibRSS in June 2008:

With MyBibRSS, the TUB provides you with a personally compiled list of new media in our company. You yourself choose which topics are to be considered. Subject areas of interest can be compiled from a list at the click of a mouse. The list then includes the media added in the last three months in the selected subject areas (unfortunately not e-books).

The result comes to you as a subscribable feed that you can read with your feed reader program or a web service such as Bloglines. Try it out; we always welcome feedback.